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Coachella Chaser
April 21, 2017
If you feel like you have a flood of flower crowns, hair glitter, and crop tops on your social media feeds -don't worry, you're not just seeing things. It's music festival season [...] view post

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Gigi Hadid Makes A Strong Case for Denim Bermuda Shorts
April 12, 2017
Leave it to supermodel Gigi Hadid to make basically any article of clothing look good. Case in point: the often-perplexing denim Bermuda short. Now, denim cut-offs have been a sp [...] view post



Laidback Look
April 7, 2017
Happy Friday!! With baseball season just starting (it's been missed!), I always have an eye out for that easy weekend look. I've shuffled through a few go-to styles, and I've rece [...] view post