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Welcome to your Celebrity Style Guide!

CelebrityStyleGuide.com was launched in 2005 by Heather Campbell-Green and is dedicated to celebrity style and fashion, clothes and accessories.

Heather Campbell-Green is the Founder & Creative Director of Celebrity Style Guide which launched in 2005. Celebrity Style Guide is dedicated to celebrity style, fashion, clothes and accessories. Her online magazine was the first official destination for the accurate identification of hottest designer clothes and products seen on your favorite television shows, movies and celebrities. Across the globe Fashionistas depend on the magazine/resource to provide them with all things celebrity style. Featured as one of the top 10 "must visit" websites by People Stylewatch, Heather has developed a website that even the most well known fashion and style editors read to get information, the latest updates on celebrity style, and ideas about the newest trends in beauty and fashion.

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BEYONCE KNOWLES and Tanya Taylor

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December 21, 2014
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