Workout Wednesday


Motivation. Yes, I’m talking about the tricky concept that causes us to do what we do every day. While I love having the motivation to blog and work on Celebrity Style Guide each day, I often find myself lacking the motivation to do less enjoyable things (a.k.a. exercise). I think my aversion to exercise is strange because it keeps me healthy and happy. What else […] View Post

Time For A Classic


A great trench coat is arguably as classic as the LBD and is a practical essential to any wardrobe! The modern trench has become synonymous with Burberry, as the brand has cultivated and perfected its design. The trench coat is timeless and so versatile; you can literally wear it forever and here’s why:

Thomas Burberry invented gabardine, a durable water resistant fabric that is […] View Post

How to Wear Over-the-Knee Boots


Effortlessly sexy and extremely dramatic, over the knee boots one-hundred-percent take the cake when it comes to outfit-making footwear. Neither fringed stilettos nor red soles really compare in terms of the drama – and the functionality of the OTK boot. Much like leather pants, they are one of the warmest items you can wear in fall and winter weather, and – I kid you not […] View Post

Red That’s Ready For The New Year


While the holiday season is over, there are still a few things from December that I like to bring into the new year with me. Usually it’s cozy sweaters or party sparkles, but this time I’ve found a new favorite color for winter: red. Despite any fears, red is great to wear after Christmas, and a bright candy apple red has quickly become my go-to […] View Post

2016: A Fashion Roundup


Welcome to the new year everyone!! While I truly enjoyed 2016, I can’t wait to discover all the exciting fashion 2017 is going to bring. However, I wanted to take one last look back at my favorite outfits and style moments of the past year before moving on. There were so many great pieces and looks I discovered, as well as new trends and brands […] View Post

Boots That Look Good in the Winter… And Still Keep You Warm

Winter brings its own set of fashion woes: static cling, dry skin, chapped lips and frumpy cold weather boots. I’m here to say that you can knock one of those woes off your list! Snow and rain boots take warning, the game has just been upped.

Designers have fought back with boots that are ready to conquer rain, snow, or ominous, overcast skies. Rain boots […] View Post

Jennifer Lopez’s Workout: How She Got Those Abs

Want Jennifer Lopez’s killer curves?

J.Lo’s trainer Tracy Anderson reveals all of the singer’s hot workout secrets. Tracy, an industry pro, has trained hot celebs such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna and Courtney Cox!

“When someone’s preparing for tours and giving energy to that many people, they can’t be out of shape,” Tracy says. “Her workouts have to give her the ability to have endurance for […] View Post