Jumping Into Fall


A few days ago I went out to lunch with some of my favorite ladies (hello to trying to extend lazy summer afternoons) and wore this fantastic jumpsuit from Aibiry. While I got so many compliments on how put-together and chic I looked, I couldn’t help laughing because it felt like I wore my PJ’s out of the house. Honestly, this jumpsuit is just […] View Post

Take It All In: Fall Inspiration


Warm colors, delicious flavors, and cozy fabrics…fall is filled with a bounty to satisfy all senses. These pieces were inspired by our fall favorites: bright red cranberries, steaming lattes, caramel apples, colorful pumpkins, rich chocolate and spicy cinnamon. Add a pop of cranberry red with a pair of pumps, layer on a cozy latte plaid, add a delicious caramel clutch. Go bold with pumpkin orange […] View Post

My Home Remodel: The Middle


Happy first day of Fall! As you know by now, I’m in the middle of renovating my house and have been making some pretty big flooring decisions. If you watched my snapchat stories (@celebstyleguide) or read My Home Remodel: The Before, then you know how happy my family and I are with our new Mohawk floors! The next step was to decide how […] View Post

NYFW: That’s A Wrap!


“Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking!” While this infamous quote from Miranda Priestly (The Devil Wears Prada) is hilarious, there really are florals everywhere during New York fashion week! If you’ve been keeping up with the shows for Spring/Summer 2017, you’ve seen the range of “trends” present. I hesitate to even use the word “trend” though, because it seems like everyone’s been revamping classic patterns and colors. […] View Post

Celebrity Style Fall Favs


Staying stylish in Fall’s cooler temps when getting warm and comfy is top priority can be challenging. Sure, you have a few really gorgeous ‘go to’ pieces that you can wear to look effortlessly chic but you can only wear these again and again for so long so you have to have another plan for looking great whilst staying warm.

When it comes to fall […] View Post

Hairstyles to Wear with a Turtleneck


Apologies to crewnecks, but once the temps dip below, say, 50-degrees, we only have eyes for turtlenecks. (After all, they’re like a sweater and a scarf in one.) But our hair almost always clings to the collar like Saran Wrap, resulting in a knotted and frizzy mess. So we asked N.Y.C.-based hairstylist Daven Mayeda for three easy styles guaranteed to not be a pain in […] View Post