The Fashion From The Bachelor: The Women Tell All

Bekah Martinez The Bachelor the Women Tell All February 25 2018

Seinne Fleming The Bachelor the Women Tell All 22.09 February 25 2018

Tia Booth The Bachelor the Women Tell All February 25 2018Windsor Deep Love Velour Junpsuit in Plum

This week marked the annual “The Women Tell All” episode of The Bachelor, arguably the most stylish night for the series. Sure, the first impression dresses should be effortlessly stunning, and all the rose ceremonies offer ample opportunity to show said bachelor what he doesn’t want to be missing––not to mention the upcoming formal frocks for potential engagements. But the make-him-regret-letting-me-go outfits? That’s where the real fashion fun begins.

Check Out Some Of The Great Looks From The ‘The Women Tell All’ Episode And More Beautiful Dresses From This Season: