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Interior Design Inspired By Celebrity Homes: James + James


After hosting both Thanksgiving and Christmas this year I decided it was definitely time for a new dining room table.

If you are an avid watcher of HGTV like I am, or are constantly perusing Pinterest I know you have seen the beautiful rectangular double pedestal tables. They are almost always showcased in celebrity homes, style editors condos and luxury resorts. I love how they […] View Post

Celebrity Style Pools Hydrazzo-Polished Marble In Hatteras Gray

After all these years of being a pool enthusiast, I had never really thought too much about how choosing a pool’s finish could dramatically effect the esthetics of the pool itself. I knew that some pools were light, some dark, and that there was a variety of colored finishes available like green, blue, gray, and black but other than that not much deeper (no pun […] View Post

Decor Trends: I.O. Metro

Since writing this post about my dining room makeover, I’ve been daydreaming about redecorating all the other rooms in my house. And while I daydream, I’m usually perusing the online pages of my new favorite home decor store: I.O. Metro. Up on the trends, but down home in affordability, this store pulls the finest from home fashion and makes it affordable. Hence, my […] View Post

Obsession: IO Metro

It’s safe to say: I’m obsessed. And lucky me, my obsession is close to home, quite literally.

Earlier this summer I happened upon the gorgeous website of Emily Hewett. This talented interior designer is the mastermind behind A Well Dressed Home, and now my new favorite room in the house. After featuring Emily on my site, I hired her on the spot […] View Post

A Well Dressed Home

Interior Photo Credit: Jay Davis

A couple weeks ago, as I was lost in blog world, I stumbled across a site called A Well Dressed Home. As an editor seeking well-dressed celebrities and fashionistas, the title caught my eye. As I perused, I was convinced the gorgeous rooms were designed for celebrity homes. But when I dug into the site, I was pleasantly surprised […] View Post