Celebrity Style Pools Hydrazzo-Polished Marble In Hatteras Gray

After all these years of being a pool enthusiast, I had never really thought too much about how choosing a pool’s finish could dramatically effect the esthetics of the pool itself. I knew that some pools were light, some dark, and that there was a variety of colored finishes available like green, blue, gray, and black but other than that not much deeper (no pun intended.) After further investigation into all-things-pool, I realized that just like eye shadow brings out the color in your eyes, the same goes for the color in your pool. Choosing the right color and finish can take your water from washed out to vibrant and your pool’s appearance from simple to stunning.

Now research in hand, I was ready to pick a company to help transform my pool from caterpillar to butterfly. Starting with my daily search of all things celebrity, my contacts came through and I was able to find a great celebrity go-to, CL Industries. Celebrities Jennifer Aniston and Faith Hill use CL Industries’ Hydrazzo products to give their pools that million dollar sparkle, so I knew I could depend on them to do the same for me.

hydrazzo hatteras grey

With so many great finishes, endless color choices and even a custom blend option to choose from, I found myself bouncing back and forth on which product to use. Originally we were considering CrystalStones, a product with a pebbly texture that covers the surface of the pool and comes in a variety of beautiful colors. But I found myself still leaning towards finding a finish that would turn my pool a specific blue color. Thank goodness our CL Industries’ pro Blaine let us pour over countless samples, ask all the questions we needed and helped us evaluate dozens of photos we showed him in order to get us closer to the pool we envisioned.
Blaine educated us on finishes and then pointed us to one of their celebrity favorites, Hydrazzo. To get the color we were looking for, he suggested a Hydrazzo Hatteras Gray and low and behold, as soon as we saw it and felt it’s smoothness, we knew we had found the perfect color and material for our pool! And the result…water that reflects a bright, beautiful, sophisticated blue color – not a greenish hue. I was looking for a finish that was not too shocking, fake looking or too over the top and what I got I can sum up in one word, “perfect.”

Hydrazzo Hatteras Gray

I tried to capture the true color of my pool in the photo above . When the sun shines on the Hydrazzo Hatteras Gray finish the pool reflects a beautiful blue color. People always comment on how much they love it when they see it.

We are VERY happy with our “Celebrity Style” pool.

If you have ANY questions or want more photos please reach out to me on my Instagram @celebstyleguide