Seal Her Style: Kate Moss

I admire Kate Moss because she knows what works for her, and she has for years. Her chic, urban style is always polished, age-appropriate, and subtly sexy. She knows how to play with the trends without letting the trends overshadow her own signature style. Direct, to-the-point, and always fashion forward, her street style is wearable and enviable, which is why she’s one of my favorite candidates for my Steal Her Style blogs. Use this set of pieces to nab this travel look, also appropriate for Saturday errands or Sunday brunch.

1. L.A.M.B. Isabella Suede Lace Up Booties: No matter how you wear them, booties have the edge over boots this season. These higher, above-the-ankle black booties channel a femme fatale vibe when paired with a distressed skinny jean. I always feel ready to conquer the world in a black bootie.

2. Soft Joie Elitia Jacquard Blazer:  To balance an edgy, uptown bootie, Kate Moss chooses a studious blazer. I love how this soft gray transitions into Fall, a welcome break from go-to black or navy. I wear my gray blazer for work or play, a piece like this one is a sound investment.

3. Joe’s Jeans Vintage Reserve Skinny Jeans: Style staple. Kate Moss loves her skinny jeans. I rarely see her in any other cut, and that’s okay. Skinnies work for her and are as versatile as basic black. Something with a bit of distressing or fading looks urban edgy when paired with booties and a blazer.

4. YSL Classic Duffle 6 leather bag: Lust-worthy. This supple suede handbag is streamlined and sexy, just like Kate Moss’s signature style. Detailed with a logo tag and rolled leather handles, this bag is perfect for traveling because its basic style goes with everything you’ve packed.

5. Three Dots Long Sleeve Turtleneck: Ward off the last of winter’s chill. There’s something so timeless, so elegant, so sexy about a slim, black turtleneck. This body-hugging layer shows curves without baring any skin at all. Plus it looks great with so many things: basic blue jeans, a leather pencil skirt, a printed legging.

6.  Stella McCartney Square Sunglasses: A celebrity outfit isn’t complete without a pair of sunglasses. Kate Moss chooses a square pair of gradient lenses that are both trendy and timeless. I think sunglasses are a easy, low-commitment way to play with trend.

7. Heather Hawkins Dog Tag Necklace: Play up that simple black turtleneck with a long silver necklace. This hammered dog-tag pendant flutters at the bottom of this polished ball-chain are all at once edgy, classic, and playful! I love a bit of menswear mixed into my look.