How to Pose for Pictures and ALWAYS Look Good


Some celebrities get ‘caught’ being normal all the time. Makeup-less, sweatpants-wearing, just back from the gym sweaty people. But other celebrities (Kendall Jenner for example) NEVER seem to take a bad photo. How is this possible? Looking good in front of a camera is all about confidence. Practice posing in front of a mirror at home. If you think it looks good, it probably does. Perhaps you’re one of those girls who is so photogenic that you can sneeze and still look like an America’s Next Top Model winner, but for the rest of us, we need some h-e-l-p when it comes to giving good face for the camera. Whether you’re fantasizing about an upcoming event or you’re just concerned with looking great when you go out this weekend, here are some of the tricks of the trade to look your best when a photographer counts to three.

1. Tyra taught it best — “smize” and you’ll immediately look better in pictures. There’s nothing worse than being dead behind your eyes.

2. Relax, breathe and (dare I say) have a little fun! No one likes a wet blanket, and being lively during a photo shoot will only result in amazing pictures.

3. Loosen up. Unless you’re a professional model, odds are that most of the photos you find yourself in are fun, casual shots with friends. As much you think “posing” for these types of pictures will make you look better, the fact remains that loosing up and having a little fun will almost always make for a more flattering snap. Since you’re not trying as hard, there will be less room for error.

4.Twist your body and position your arms. Ah, the old red carpet trick: Position your body 45 degrees and put the arm closest to the camera on your hip. Then plant one foot slightly in front of the other, point your toe to the camera and place your weight on your back leg.
Ever wonder why every celebrity poses with her camera-facing arm on her hip? It’s because that particular move ensures that her upper arm isn’t smooshed against her body making it look flattened (read: larger.) If you find the hand-on-hip pose to be a bit forced, try holding your arms out from your sides ever so slightly.

5. Don’t follow the group. The key to a stellar group shot? Not all doing the same pose. Not only is that hokey (hello, standing in height order on prom night) but everyone is shaped differently, so the viewer’s eye will naturally gravitate to who looks best in the pose, not the picture. Instead, be sure to stand comfortably without mimicking the people directly next to you.

6. Slightly lower your front shoulder to elongate your neck and create more dramatic angles.

7. Stick out your chin just a little bit to avoid the double chin.

8. Cast your eyes just above where the camera’s lens is. Your eyes will appear larger by being more open, and you’ll look awake and full of energy.

9. Don’t face the camera straight on. Posing at a slight angle (45 degrees is best) will instantly slim your figure.

10. Don’t go overboard on color, this means too much makeup, tanning, or hair dying. The best rule of thumb is to blend and be subtle, otherwise you end up looking like a rainbow of disaster.

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