How You Can Help To #LoveOurChildren

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Today I’m excited to introduce you to the National CARES program and tell you how to win a t-shirt that supports them!

If you haven’t heard of them, National CARES believes that transformation does not begin in the statehouses, but in our hearts and homes. Their mentoring movement is a pioneering community-galvanizing movement that is dedicated to reducing intergenerational poverty among African Americans. National CARES Mentoring Movement offers Black children in under-resourced families, and unstable communities, the social, emotional, and academic supports they need to unleash their potential, as well as graduate from high school, and prepare to succeed in college or vocational training programs, and 21st-century careers. These are proven-effective, consciousness-shifting program models.

There Is Happiness In Giving Back

National CARES Mentoring Movement was founded by Susan L. Taylor, editor-in-chief emeritus of Essence magazine. Taylor’s main mission for CARES is to alleviate the impact that poverty and systematic racism have on Black communities. CARES is “a pioneering community-galvanizing movement that offers Black children in low-income families and unstable communities the social, emotional, and academic supports they need to unleash their potential and graduate from high school.” Imagine a world that celebrates the genius of Black children.

CARES has a 36-week long curriculum aimed to help aid children in healing from emotional trauma overcome the debilitating effects of poverty, and increase understanding, resilience, and faith in self. Ultimately, young adults who participate in CARES learn to think more positively, have greater self-love, transform their behaviors, and prepare to be more successful in school, their careers, and their lives overall.

“Philanthropy needs to invest in minorities and PoC acquiring and owning by the end of a funding cycle” a tweet by @sadiqalul mentioned.

There is happiness in giving back.

Education Is Th Key To Success

Through education, children learn to transform their stories into stories of success. CARES offers a variety of programs focused on self-esteem building, community partnerships, and propelling Black children from impoverishment to independence. A child that feels more empowered in themselves, has more confidence to learn without hesitation. A few programs offered by CARES are The HBCU Rising, University for Parents, National Affiliate Network, and Community Circles. These programs assist in volunteers from STEM-related professions mentoring college students, helping parents overcome their own barriers of self-sufficiency, recruiting more mentors, and deepening the reach into the communities to provide a safe space of reflection and connection.

Educating Ourselves On The Facts Of Poverty In The African American Community

Did you know that extreme poverty is defined by the U.S Census Bureau as a yearly household income of only $12,129 or less for a family of four? Chances are, my children are or know someone that is affected by extreme poverty. Educating ourselves on the numbers and statistics will lower our own ignorance regarding the community you live in and how we can help. CARES has local affiliates in over 58 cities that work in poverty-stricken communities and those who would like to assist in becoming mentors, volunteers, or making donations towards the non-profit organization. What ways could you further educate yourself to become an ally of help in this cause?

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