A Cheat Sheet to Cleaning out Your Closet


Just like how we visit doctors to make sure we’re functioning properly, the things we own need to be checked on too. I’m talking about cleaning out your closet, which is a task that can be conquered with a little patience, focus, and a good playlist. This post will guide you through a relatively quick decluttering, but make sure to read Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, if you want to remove your clutter for good. I’m using her basic outline, known as the KonMari method, to explain how to successfully sort through your closet and store seasonal items.

The KonMari method requires you to dedicate a large, uninterrupted chunk of time to decluttering your closet. However, this isn’t practical for everyone, so decide how many hours you’re willing to spend cleaning and commit for at least that long. The fear is that once you stop, you’ll never finish.

Easy Ways To Keep Your Closet from Getting Out of Control:

First, you need to go through your closet by categories, not location. For example, seek out every T-shirt you own and put them all together in a pile. The goal is to recognize how much we own and how we don’t really need five white V-necks. Then, pick up each individual item from the pile and ask yourself if this item brings you joy. If it does, keep it. If it doesn’t, donate it. This may seem simple but it can get overwhelming, so try to stay focused.

You’ll get better at deciding what brings you joy and what doesn’t, so keep this in mind when you decide which categories to tackle first and which to save for last. Keep in mind that what brings you joy might not be practical, and that’s okay. Do you have a pair of heels that are too painful to wear but too pretty to donate? If the sight of these heels brings you joy, keep them! It’s ultimately up to you to decide what to keep and what to pass on.

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Easy Ways to Streamline Your Wardrobe:

Once you’ve decluttered your closet to a level you’re satisfied with, separate your seasonal clothing from your year-round staples. Find some storage bins/drawers/units and store away whichever set of clothes you won’t be using. If you can layer tank tops or other summer items to make them work in the fall (like I talked about in this post Autumn Approaching)


How to Organize Your Closet:

• Make three piles when going through your clothes: Keep, donate, and trash

• Never go back through your donate or trash piles…once you’ve decided, let it go. Trust me on this one!

• Make note of any items you need to replace or update to make your shopping trips more productive (like I wrote about in this post)

• Do you have something you haven’t worn in a year but can’t bring yourself to get rid of it? Tell yourself to either wear it within the next three days or donate it. Stick to this ultimatum!

Whether you cultivate a collection or a capsule of clothing, stay true to your style. If you’re in need of inspiration for the new season, sift through Celebrity Style Guide’s vast list of celebrity, TV show, movie, and street style! If you’re interested in my personal style and how I adjust my wardrobe to fall, follow me on Instagram ( @celebstyleguide)!

The Well-Dressed Closet: