The Secret to Taking a Great Beach Instagram Photo…and It’s Not What You Think!

The Secret To Taking A Great Beach Photo

The time has finally come to turn into a beach bum, yes, summer is finally here ( I’ve only been waiting all year) and I can’t tell you how excited I am to spend my days off lounging in the sun with friends and getting a nice sun-kissed tan-I can’t handle this pale skin much longerand let’s be honest, some great photos. Whether you’re spending your summer Fridays on the warm sand or prefer to post up poolside, photo-ready beach towels are a must for an Instagram-worthy look. I’ve been planning your your summer beach wardrobe,from bikini to coverup and sandals so why not add the perfect pull it all together items…a colorful or sassy beach towel into your ready to take for a spin straw tote?

Add a fun pop of pattern, or pick a standout bold hue to make your beach setup more stylish—either way, a chic towel will take your already beach chic ensemble to the enviable next level. With all your summer Instagram posts flooding your feed, I’ve curated the beach towels that are sure to turn heads and get those hearts. Call it surf couture. Call it California girl. Call it beach-bumming babe. Whatever you will, surf inspired towel styles are hitting the racks in a big way, whether you call the West Coast home or not.

The best Towels For Instagram Photos

How To Take Amazing Beach Photos

Classic message themes, geometry patterns to whimsical eye catchers these towels will make you want to snap a photo of your ‘beach life’ ASAP:

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