March 31, 2015

What’s Your Work Uniform?

Always the same. Never-changes. That’s your fashion uniform. Well, it was…until now.
I’m shedding some light on your 9-to-5 situation, and knocking you out of your office outfit rut courtesy of some edited street-style inspiration. Go by look and see the small (simple yet effective) ways you can incorporate these tips into your own office wardrobe:

Look 1: Throw an elongated vest over your classic white button-front shirt and you’ve officially put your own spin on things. Who needs a blazer anyway?

Look 2: You may already be pulling off black from head-to-toe, but upgrading with some texture courtesy of a couple key accessories can make all the difference. Woven and perforated leather is your friend.

Look 3: Sure, it has a Spring-time slant but again, this is about inspiration not imitation. Here’s the trick: pull that printed dress out of your Spring wardrobe, throw a black blazer over it, and pair it back to some opaque tights. A classic pump or ankle boot completes the look. Simple.

Look 4: Toughen up with a layer of leather. Whether it’s a classic motorcycle jacket over a tailored ankle pant, or a slick pencil skirt back to an oversized knit, leather is still a fall-back, fashion-forward bet.

Enough talk. Time to shop pieces I’ve picked to help you pull off these looks:

March 31, 2015

Interview With An Icon: Patricia Field, Costume Consultant of Younger

It’s no secret that Sex & the City is one of my favorite shows of all time. In fact, it’s one of the reasons I created Celebrity Style Guide in 2005. I know, I know you hear it all the time now, but I really was the first one to put what was seen on TV onto a website. There REALLY were no places to go and find out this information online so I used to spend hours scouring the Internet to find out what Carrie and Charlotte wore on the show. I loved how beautifully polished, put together, and crazy fabulous their outfits were on every. single. episode. It was, and still is, one of my greatest sources of inspiration.

Because of those hours online, tracking down what the SATC girls wore, I was introduced to one of fashion’s greatest visionaries and most sought after costume designers on the planet: Patricia Field. She is the genius behind the iconic style of Sex & the City and the woman behind stylish successes on the sets of The Devil Wears Prada, Confessions of a Shopaholic, and The Other Woman.

I recently had the opportunity to interview Patricia Field. During our wonderful conversation that, truth be told, could have lasted all day, Ms. Field let me in on a little SATC insider information. She was not the first costumer hired for Sex & the City. That’s right! Someone else was hired in the beginning! It didn’t work out…so cue Patricia Field. From that point on, the clothes became a focal point of the show. Field shot to fame, eventually named as one of Time Magazine’s “100 Most Influential Fashion Icons Of All Time.”

It has been nearly 10 years since the HBO series Sex & the City wrapped, but its Emmy-winning costume designer has remained a constant source of inspiration for me. Field is a fashion designer with her own fun label (found in her Manhattan retail store and online), and she has continued her costume design work for film, television, and theater.


Most recently, Ms. Field costume consults on the new TV LAND show Younger. This brand-new show stars Broadway-beauty and two-time Tony Award winner Sutton Foster, along with Hilary Duff, Debi Mazar, and Miriam Shor.

Younger is a fresh comedy from Darren Starr, the creator of my beloved Sex & the City. The show follows 40-year old Liza (Foster), a suddenly single mother who tries to get back into the working world, only to find herself out of the game because of her age. But a chance encounter changes everything…

When Liza gets hit on at the bar by young, sexy Josh (Nico Tortorella)…who also happens to think Liza is a 20-something…Liza realizes that she may still be in the game. With the help of a makeover, courtesy of her best friend Maggie (Debi Mazar), Liza passes herself off as 26. She lands a job in the publishing world, as an assistant to the temperamental Diana (Shor). She teams up with her new co-worker and 20-something Kelsey (Duff) to try for the career of her dreams. She just has to make sure no one discovers her secret!


I was so honored to be asked to interview Patricia Field about her exciting new show. She dished on everything from working with Hilary Duff to her inspiration for the show to how she keeps her leading lady….younger.

Heather: Where do you draw your inspiration for the characters on the show?

Patricia: My inspiration for this show is all around me. I draw from my own happiness, friends, comedies…I come from a platform of happy in general. An optimistic and elevated point of view. I even introduce and play with color in the black/grey/white world of New York. Always break the rules!

Heather: I am very excited for one of my personal favorites, Hilary Duff, to return to TV. In Younger, she plays a 20-something with youthful energy, drive, and a killer sense of fashion. What can we expect, fashion-wise, from her character Kelsey?

Patricia: I was lucky. Kelsey’s character is written with a clear, compounded direction. She’s young, ambitious, and a younger version of her boss. She has a savvy and assertive look. Kelsey is caught up on what’s going on style-wise. She knows what’s trendy, and she’s paying attention to what’s hot in fashion. The outfits we use for Kelsey reflect her love for the “sexy-tailored” look.

Heather: Hilary Duff is quite the fashionista, and I have followed her stunning sense of style for years here at CSG. Does she have a say in the clothes Kelsey will wear on the show?

Patricia: Absolutely! Hilary has a huge say in the wardrobe and outfits because it’s so important for her to be comfortable and feel great on camera. I always respect the human behind the actor and their vision of the character. It’s a parallel line; we are a team. I always pull six or seven possibilities that we can go over together. It’s a collaborative effort.

Heather: As you have said, Hilary’s look would best be described as “sexy-tailored.” Where can fans shop to find Kelsey’s look from the show?

Patricia: Kelsey shops at Shopbop, ASOS, Zappos, and H&M. She mixes and matches price points extremely well. She adds an amazing shoe or designer bag to elevate her look.

Heather: Watching the pilot, I fell in love with Liza, the character played by Sutton Foster. What can we expect from her wardrobe? It must be truly fascinating to costume her dual character, the 40-year-old single mother and the 26-year-old assistant in the publishing world.

Patricia: I adore Sutton Foster’s youthful energy! She was the perfect choice for this character. On the show, she has a young daughter, so she is definitely on a budget. She does a lot of thrift/vintage store shopping. You will also see her look at Topshop, ZARA, and H&M.  She exudes “comfortable casual,” and you will see her in combinations like buffalo plaid and knit caps (a best seller in Field’s own Manhattan store). Liza is trying to find her way in the new world she’s working in. She’s learning and growing…all while leading a double life. Her ever-evolving look is very exciting to design!


Younger Premieres on TV LAND on March 31st at 10/9 central. Tune in with me to see Field’s expertise in action…and for a great dose of “happy,” which, according to my idol, is one of the very best sources of inspiration!

Field is giving all my readers a discount at her online store! Receive 20 percent off at with promo code CELEBSTYLEGUIDE.


March 30, 2015

Travel…In Style

Without a doubt, the airport is one of the best places to spot authentic star style. Celebrities bring new meaning to the phrase “traveling in style.” I know firsthand how difficult a comfortable, yet stylish travel look can be. When time is a factor, it’s common to jump from the tarmac to a meeting with little or no time in between. In such cases, I rely on several go-to pieces to get me through. My go to travel outfit relies on a mostly black ensemble, a chic and forgiving color. Skinny jeans and stylish booties provide sharp lines, while a stunning leather jacket or chic handbag keeps the look from being plain Jane. A few well-chosen accessories can add color and trend.

Here are more mile high style tips from Fashionista Lauren Conrad:

  1. Keep your look simple. I like to wear mostly black when I travel. Sometimes I throw in one complimentary color, such as burgundy or beige.
  2. Wear socks! Is there anything worse than forgetting to pack socks and then having to tiptoe through the security line with bare feet? I think not…
  3. Forget anything strappy or full of buckles. Like I said before, simplicity is key. By avoiding anything superfluous like strappy sandals and triple-buckle boots, you can cut down on the time you spend preparing for security and up your in-flight comfort factor too!
  4. Minimize your jewelry. Instead of piling your wrists with watches and bracelets, keep your accessories to a minimum. Nine times out of ten you will be asked to remove everything before going through airport security.
  5. Layer up. Wear your most comfortable pair of jeans or leggings—preferably in a dark color. Top off your look with a simple tee and a cozy sweater or relaxed blazer. Finally, twist on a scarf (or pack one in your carry-on). We all know that planes get chilly! I usually like to keep my jacket and scarf packed in my carry-on to cut down on the time I spend getting ready to go through security. If I already have these layers off, then I don’t need to worry about taking them on and off during the security screening. Once I’m through security, I usually pile these items on to prepare for the artic temps to come on the plane…

Shop My Picks For The Best Travel Style:

March 30, 2015

8 Easy Hair Product DIYs For The Shiniest Locks Of Your Life

So, you’re not much of a DIY’er. It’s just not your jam. Your idea of making something from scratch is pouring cake mix into a bowl and adding some eggs. I totally get it. But if you’re ever going to break into the world wide web of arts and crafts, you should start with homemade hair products. Why? Because it’s easy. And because it’s really difficult to mess up. And unlike those sneaker hacks or DIY printables, you can totally start over again without having to run to the store to get more materials…because most everything in these hair product recipes are already in your kitchen cabinet.

Not to mention the price tag. The cost of those salon dry shampoos and luxury restorative conditioners alone are reason enough to give one of these at-home projects a try. If you’re not convinced yet, here’s another reason: you’ll know exactly what’s going into your hair. Sure, that bottle of serum says it’s organic and it’s only got jojoba oil in it, but it’s probably got other additives in there, too, which might be ruining your hair as a result. Trust me. These eight super simple DIY hair products might just change your life. Try it out and thank me later.

Coconut Milk Shampoo


Who doesn’t love the sweet smell of coconut? Now imagine that scent emanating from your hair all day long. That’s exactly what will happen when you create this four-ingredient all natural coconut milk shampoo from Free People.

Honey and Olive Oil Conditioner


If your hair is feeling dull, dry or brittle, mix olive oil and honey into a homemade conditioner to nourish your locks back to life.

Dry Shampoo

According to our friends at Brit + Co, store-bought shampoos can sometimes contain chemicals like isobutane, butane and propane, which can hurt your hair more help it. Make your own all-natural dry shampoo with a few ingredients you likely already have. It might even blend and smell better than what you’re paying for!

Sea Salt Spray

Fake beachy waves for summer with this super simple DIY Surf Spray from Modern Wonderland. Adding texture to your hair only requires four ingredients and a good shake. I trust you can handle it.

Natural Hairspray

I had no idea you could make your own hairspray until I found this recipe from Thank Your Body. All it takes is a little bit of sugar and water. Literally, that is it! There’s an optional addition — vodka — but you can leave it out if you’d rather mix the booze with your lemonade.

Hair Serum

Blogger Sarah Di Grazia loves this hair serum DIY so much that she almost didn’t share it with her readers because she considered bottling and selling it instead. Thankfully, she chose to be selfless and now, you can have a super nourishing hair serum.

Clarifying Rinse

Some shampoos and conditioners can’t completely get rid of all the build-up hairspray and gel leaves behind. This DIY clarifying rinse, however, can. Revitalize your hair from your roots to your locks with a little bit of apple cider and essential oils.

Avocado Hair Mask

This super quick hair mask — which literally requires two ingredients — will leave your hair super soft and super shiny. What more could you want for summer than a full head of shiny hair?

Image: Free People, Chalkboard Mag, Brit+Co, Modern Wonderland, Thank Your Body, Sarah Di Grazia,, Jenniraincloud, momtrends

March 25, 2015

Why Everyone’s Freaking Out About This Swimwear Collection

Tori Praver‘s Seafoam collection for Target debuted online this week, giving us 30 bikini separates, all priced under $60. You heard right — the label that’s long been a favorite of celebs like Jessica Alba, Miranda Kerr, and, yes, even BeyoncĂ© is yours for a very uncelebrity price point, at just $25-$55 online and at select Target Hawaii locations.

And because they’re as all-out adorable — think sweet ruffles, dainty floral prints, and easy, soft hues — as they are affordable, you may just want to snag one whether you’ve got a day at the beach in your near future or not. Seriously, they’re so cute, we may just wear them around the house?


March 20, 2015

What I Love: The Grey Area

Rather a purist rather than a flower girl? No problem. Here comes the perfect trend for everybody who prefers to be more discreet: non-colors. Bright frocks are undeniably fun, but every now and again, it’s refreshing to see a less in-your-face color. Everything from white to greige is also in fashion focus this spring/summer. Just mix different shades and highlight the look with some gold or silver jewelry. Voila! That’s what I call smart city style in 2015.


March 20, 2015

Get Ready For The Spring Shift

March can seem like fashion limbo. Caught up between the chill of winter and the warmth of spring, the temperatures can rise and fall hourly. Factor in spring showers, clouds, and winds…and you know that finding the right thing to wear can become quite the dilemma. To make things easier for you, I’ve hand-selected a few of my favorite transitional pieces. Keep in mind that leather works a long way into spring, as does the bootie, just choose season-appropriate colors and cuts. If you’re stuck wearing your winter basics throughout the month, punch up your looks with color, especially tangerine or lovely pastels. Shift into spring with these pieces:

1. T by Alexander Wang Lightweight Leather Tee:
Black and white leather for spring? You betcha! Leather becomes spring-worthy when cut into a cute butterfly top, a versatile choice for office or play. Pair with a pencil skirt and pumps for your 9-to-5, flats and colored crops for weekend.

2. Love Leather Legs Legs Legs Leather Skirt:
Sweet as honey. This lovely leather skirt is classic year round, but works especially for spring with its honey-colored leather. Pair with a floral blouse and flats for a chic, street look.

3. Veda ‘Dali’ Leather Jacket:
Layer in leather. Perfect for chilly mornings and cool evenings, this luxe leather jacket is April-appropriate with its canvas color and woven linen panels. Layer over an office outfit or cocktail dress, as its edgy stand-up collar and asymmetrical cut bring a mod vibe to any look.

4. Rag & Bone Classic Newbury Bootie:
Booties done up in neutral bring a cool weather shoe into the heat. Pair back to shorts or rompers, maxi skirts or denim…their exposed zippers and stacked heel make them a modern classic.

5. Giada Forte Striped Button Down:
Let the sunshine in…with soft stripes of color. Whether your day brings sun or clouds, the cheerful pastel color of this button-up will brighten up any mood. Pair this slouchy blouse back to boyfriends for weekend or a sleek pencil skirt for an occasion.

6. Anya Hindmarch Valorie Rubber Clutch:
Rainy days or Mondays? Don’t let them get you down. This uber fun clutch pops against any look with its semi-opaque orange rubber and enamel-inlaid turn-lock closure. Detachable chain strap.

7. Betsey Johnson Hooded Stripe Terry Robe:
Some days are meant for curling up on the couch. Do so in style with this striped terry robe. Wrap up over your yoga pants or skinnies, its cheery coral stripes and cozy hood ward off winter’s last chills.

March 17, 2015

Now Trending: Neutral Territory

March can seem like fashion limbo. Caught up between the chill of winter and the warmth of spring, the temperatures can rise and fall hourly. Factor in spring showers, clouds, and winds…and you know that finding the right thing to wear can become quite the dilemma. It’s no secret that some of Hollywood’s most stylish starlets have a major fashion crush on all things neutral. The crisp and clean color scheme screams spring is near and can play an integral part of every girls wardrobe due to their endless styling possibilities. “The Hills” alum, Lauren Conrad, is never shy when it comes to proclaiming her love of neutrals. The former reality star turned designer recently stepped out in a nude sheer striped sweater from her Kohl’s collection. While colors are indeed a spring/summer essential, without a few key neutral pieces, you’ll continually find yourself surrounded by bright colors that lack basic styling links. By properly stocking your wardrobe with a few neutral pieces, like a nude top and a tan blazer, your styling options will instantly double. If you’re a color fiend like myself just think of these items as the perfect canvas for showing off one of your favorite bright pieces, like a neon pink skirt or a mint green clutch. When styling your neutral ensembles I always suggest adding some contrast and dimension by incorporating tonal textures.

Shift into spring with these pieces:

March 17, 2015

Get The Look: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Rosie Huntington Whiteley can do no wrong in my eyes! Super-stylish and superhumanly attractive Victoria’s Secret model always looks good, whether she’s glitzed out on the red carpet or all dolled up in “Transformers.” Needless to say, her “going out to do errands” look is (approximately infinitely) more impressive than my “this is the best I have ever looked,” but the best thing about Rosie’s chic off-duty outfits is that they’re so imitable, you may even have some of the pieces in your wardrobe already (that hunter suede CĂ©line Phantom and crazy-toned arms, not so much). This fresh ensemble in particular is perfect for weird transitional weather, and can easily be dressed up for night with some killer black pumps when time is of the essence. Check out my take on Rosie’s cool springy look.


Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses: What sunglasses does she wear? Rosie Huntington is rockin’ a pair of Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses. The aviator is extremely popular, you can find aviator sunglasses in different colors and size. These are sunglasses that will never go out of style so it’s a MUST HAVE!

Free People Moto Jacket: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley always looking smashing in her favorite bordeaux Balenciaga leather jacket I love this similar, less expensive version at Free People!

Ash Jalouse Suede Booties: Cement your style-icon status with a great pair of suede must-have ankle boots. Cut in versatile camel suede, this comfortable mid-heeled pair are the epitome of round-the-clock footwear. The best thing is this pair I have found won’t break the bank. I think the coolest way to wear them is with super high hemlines or signature skinny jeans.

Joe’s Jeans: Rosie has a perfect pair of pins which she endlessly parades in pairs of skinny jeans or very short shorts. The perfect jeans can transform your entire wardrobe, and this pair by Joe’s is up to the task. Featuring the label’s signature flawless fit, this style will promise that every outfit is effortlessly pulled together.

MICHAEL Michael Kors Tote: Rosie loves her oversized bags and has a ton of them constantly on parade. Rosie has every designer at her finger tips and most often her bags are out of reach for most of us. I found this everyday stunner with this elegant design by MICHAEL Michael Kors. It will polish your look and whisper chic and elegant.

Raquel Allegra Combo Muscle Tee: When it comes to dressing for comfort and style Rosie Huntington-Whiteley clearly has a formula. I saw this great tie-dye tee and thought it had “Rosie” written all over it.

March 16, 2015

Win It! A Leon Max $1000 Online Shopping Spree!

One of every Fashionista’s favorite websites, Max Studio, is giving away the chance to win a $1000 shopping spree just in time for Spring/Summer! Yes, you read that correctly….$1000!! Imagine all the beautiful Spring and Summer statement pieces you would be able to score with $1000 in your wallet.

From the nipped waist to the full skirt to the peplum, spring’s ladylike looks emphasize a feminine silhouette. Whether you favor a curve-hugging pencil skirt or a fit-and-flare dress, you’ll find plenty of ways to put a modern twist on the classics this season…..all found in the Leon Max Spring 2015 collection.

I’m obsessed with their adorable stripe jersey halter, oh so good Cupro & Linen Tunic Dress, super comfy Heathered Jersey Linen Draped dress and the beautifully sculpted Marisol Sculptural Leather Sandal….so good!!

If you win, please let me know and send me photos of all the items you picked so I can share them on my social media pages. I would love to see how you styled your favorite pieces from the shopping spree!

Here are all the details you need to know to Enter to win a $1000 gift card redeemable at

Promotion runs Monday, March 16 through Friday, March 27. Valid email address required. Winner to be selected from all valid email addresses Wednesday, April 1.

In order to enter the contest please go to or and enter a valid email address.

you can choose from any items on this page!

Please follow Leon Max follow on Facebook and Twitter:
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Here are some of my favorite pieces from Max Studios new collection: