Polished & Pink Style For Valentine’s Day

Spring-like shades of pastel pink and blush are reinventing themselves this season as romantic neutrals that can be worn year round!

You may think that pale pinks are only for women of a certain age, but you’d be wrong. The new neutral is so much more romantic than the old neutrals because it’s based in pink. They’re so much more ladylike than the neutrals we’ve seen before.

Colors such as peach, pink, ecru, and sugarplum are new neutrals replacing blacks, browns, navy and grays.
Colors that pair well with flush shades: emerald green, browns, gold, and silver, to name some.
With muted flush colored tones, mix all you want ( saturated tones, light tones, anything warm or cool). They all go together.
Play with the fabrics and experiment with textures.
You can never go wrong pairing blush colors with classic denim.
For the ultimate feminine/masculine look, try a crisp, starched men’s dress shirt in pale pink!