Obsessed: Kérastase Discipline Collection

(Photo: monika hibbs)

I’m so excited to continue to work with with one of my favorite hair hair brands Kerastase! I’ve been using Kerastase for years now, so you can only imagine my excitement when they contacted me me to try their new ‘Discipline’ treatment and line of products. The Discipline line helps to make your hair more “obedient” – it’ll be smoother, more supple and blow-dry 33% per cent quicker. Sounds like magic, right? It just might be.

The first thing I noticed was the amazing smell, it is absolutely divine! It lathers beautifully and rinses away completely. After the Bain Fluidealiste (it’s sulfur free which I love) I used the Maskeratine and left it on for about 3 minutes and rinsed out. It was then time to see the results. I toweled dried my hair and then combed through it without any tangles which for me is huge! I then used a few pumps of the Fluidissime Spray. Again, love the smell! Time to blow dry. My hair seemed to dry faster and with more volume then I could have ever expected. The best part….I was DONE! the Kérastase’s Discipline collection made my hair silky smooth, soft and added tone of volume so I was ready to head out the door! This laterally saved me 10 minutes off my routine! Extra time? What? This busy working mom has never had that before! Thank you Kerastase!

If you have been trying to figure out a way to both tame your hair, plus make it manageable once again like it was in the past, this product is going to give you all of what you are looking for. You will notice your hair becoming more manageable each time you use it, plus you will see and feel your hair gaining more vibrancy with each and every subsequent use. My hair is softer, fuller and has more shine then I could ever imagine. Another one of my favorite perks of this line for this busy gal is my hair looks and feels just as great the next DAY! I swear….if you see me on the street I’ll bet you can’t tell how long it’s been since I last lathered up. That’s my secret. 🙂