Effortless Treats


Living in Austin has definitely helped me cultivate an appreciation for good food, and I’ve found nothing can beat the appeal and convenience of food trucks (especially when combined with great weather and company). Whether it’s classic BBQ or eccentric donuts (enter: Gourdough’s – a.k.a. heavenly death by donut), summers in Austin are rarely spent hungry. At the same time, eating out isn’t always an option, which is why I like to have a few go-to snacks and details that vamp up any meal. Below are two twists on summer staples:

Option #1: Flavor infused ice. I’m a huge water drinker and find that teas, and lemonade aren’t able to quench my thirst like a simple glass of water can. But that doesn’t mean my glass of water needs to be dull! Taking favorite fruits, citruses, and herbs, dice or slice them into pieces of varying size. Then place what flavors you want into an ice tray. After adding water and leaving it on a level surface in your freezer, you’re finished! Example flavors: lemon, orange, strawberry, mint (or a strawberry/mint fusion – play around!).

Option #2: “Homemade” cookie ice cream sandwiches. Having tried to make my own ice cream before, it’s much more of a hassle than expected. If you have the resources, time, and energy to do it, then more power to you!! But for those of us who want minimal effort with great results for an easy mid-day treat, ice cream sandwiches are the way to go. For a more homemade element, you can choose to make your own cookies over buying them from the grocery store. Start by choosing a cookie and placing one scoop of ice cream on top of it. Then sandwich it with another cookie and place the concoction on a cookie sheet. Again, place the sheet on a level surface in your freezer and let them freeze until they’re cold enough for you (or eat immediately-I don’t judge!). Make them as dynamic as you want by mixing up the cookie and ice cream combinations. Also, they’re kid approved!

To make something effortless, you need to be wearing something effortless. This is one reason why I adore this trapeze shift dress from Lilly Pulitzer. Not only does the vibrant color and print uplift any outfit wilting in Texan heat, it photographs just as light and lovely as it is in person. I chose to pair it with neutral sandals (these are an older pair, but Elie Tahari has a similar style) and simple, yet beautiful gold accessories like this Alexia necklace from Stella & Dot. Finishing off the outfit is the Monterey satchel from Splendid, which is honestly the perfect summer bag. Throw on a good pair of sunglasses, and you’re ready for anything.

Have a great weekend!

lily-shift dress-smile