How to Remove Eyelash Extensions At home: A Complete Guide!

There’s no doubt that eyelash extensions are the current beauty trend.

Last extensions create instantly long and full lashes that can last for weeks. As a result, many choose lash extensions rather than go through the ordeal of applying messy, cheap glue-based false lashes.

If you’re not born with long, luscious lashes (and let’s be honest, who is?), you might already be a fan of lash extensions. However, you need to know how to remove eyelash extensions by yourself if you are.

Eyelash extensions are convenient, look stunning and create low-maintenance lashes.

But the problems come when you can’t spare the time to have your lashes removed or touched up professionally.

How do professionals remove eyelash extensions?

Knowing how to remove eyelash extensions safely starts with looking at how the professionals do it.

Professionals will often use surgical-grade glue to adhere to your lash extensions. You should not remove your lash extensions yourself in these instances.

Instead, for the health of your lashes and eyes, get your eyelash extensions removed by a professional when possible.

removing eyelash extensions
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Removing your lashes yourself can also lead to a spread of bacteria in the eye area. Using a professional lash technician means you are less likely to suffer these issues.

Professionals will use gentle but professional-grade products such as gel removers and creams. They will also use techniques like the banana-peel method to make sure your natural lashes are not damaged.

The entire process shouldn’t take much more than 15 to 25 minutes.

How do I remove eyelash extensions at home?

But understandably, you may not be able to get to the salon to get your eyelash extensions removed professionally.

So, whether money is a little tight or your salon is fully booked up, you’ll probably want to know how to remove your eyelash extensions at home safely.

Follow these expert-approved and damage-free ways to get those eyelash extensions off and give your natural lashes a break.

  1. Use a makeup remover to remove any makeup, and make sure to wash your face.
  2. Apply steam to loosen any lash extensions and the bond of the eyelash extension glue. This is easy to do. Fill a large bowl with steaming-hot water and hold your face over it. Don’t forget to drape a large towel over your head. Sit this way for 10 to 15 minutes.
  3. If you’re not keen on sitting over a bowl of steaming water, you can try taking a hot shower just before removal to loosen your lash extensions.
  4. Dip a cosmetic pad, cotton ball, or makeup sponge in coconut oil, olive oil, or your choice of eyelash extension remover.
  5. Swipe your lower and upper lash lines gently with the cotton pad to help the extensions slip off your eyes, but be careful not to get any of the oil in your eyes. This ‘slip’ is essential in ensuring you don’t pull your extensions and your own lashes with it.
  6. You can wash your face as usual, using a cleanser, the following day. Follow this with a brush of your lashes with your lash wand. You may see lashes fall off, whereas some may cling on.
  7. You can repeat this at night if needed.

Can you use Vaseline to remove eyelash extensions?

As such an easy to procure product, it’s no surprise that many wonder how to remove eyelash extensions with Vaseline.

Indeed, Vaseline is a versatile product with more uses than just a simple skin moisturizer. For example, you can use Vaseline to remove eyelash extensions because it is potent enough to dissolve and slacken the molecules in the lash glue.

A fact that makes it a handy home eyelash extension remover.

But please remember that Vaseline is essentially petroleum jelly, a by-product of oil refining.

If misused, it can cause damage to your natural lashes due to their strength. So always buy pure Vaseline, not any risky imitation products.

Can I use baby oil to remove eyelash extensions?

Yes, you’ll be glad to know that you can remove your eyelash extensions using baby oil.

First, steam your eyelashes as mentioned above, gently rub baby oil over the lashes and wait three minutes for the adhesive to dissolve.

Why won’t my eyelash extensions come off?

I suppose knowing how to remove eyelash extensions at home means knowing when you may struggle to remove them.

So many people make huge mistakes when trying to remove their eyelash extensions. When people try to pick, pull, or rub their lashes off, they unsurprisingly become confused when they won’t come off.

But you should never do this. Not only is this plucking method inefficient at removing eyelash extensions, but it often leads to damage and breakage to your existing lashes. Your lashes will go from looking long and luscious to barren and potentially at risk of bacteria.

Secondly, most natural oils aren’t potent enough to break down the lash adhesive glue, meaning it may take a couple of sessions to remove your extensions when using natural oils like castor oil and coconut oil.

Try to be patient and not allow the weariness of the lengthy process of removing your lash extensions end in you pulling them out yourself.

Do your eyelashes grow back after extensions?

As you may already be aware, lash extensions are made up of fibers that are then glued onto your natural lashes. The effect is usually marvelous; thick, long lash that makes your eyes pop.

But, when removed improperly, lash extensions can lead to the breakage and loss of your natural lashes. But don’t worry; your natural lashes should grow back within a few months.

Hopefully, by now, you know how to remove your last extensions safely at home, without any damage to your natural eyelashes.