Design & Delight At Archer Hotel In Austin, TX


If you’ve looked at my Instagram this past week, you already know that I had the most incredible opportunity to stay at the new Archer Hotel in North Austin recently. I remember being excited from the very beginning to visit, but I couldn’t have predicted how relaxing and fun this weekend would be for me!
Archer-hotel-austin-entrance Archer-hotel-grand-staircase


Archer-seconde-kitchensecond-kitchen-tables welcome-to-archer-hotel-austinArcher-hotel-que-paso


What I came to love about Archer Hotel was not only their care in the design of the hotel itself, but in the design of my stay as well. They brought out the red carpet treatment with welcome water, chilled champagne and the cutest little luxuries, homemade sea salt caramels that greeted me as I entered my room.

archer-hotel-guests archer-hotel-livingroom

archer-hotel-masterbedroom-full archer-hotel-masterbedroom


I was lucky enough to stay in the ‘Archer Den‘, one of the finest rooms equipped with a private balcony with an incredible view and an outdoor fireplace (which I took full advantage of!!). I loved to soak in the incredible views of the Texas sky that wrapped around this whole balcony.



Like I said before, Archer Hotel not only put a lot of care in the design of their hotel itself, but in the design of your stay. My husband and I loved slipping into those oh so cute his and her slippers! The “his” were black with an embossed white mustache and the “hers” were purple with red embossed lips. Too cute!! The quality of the smaller details only endorsed the grandeur and uniqueness of the rest of the furniture and amenities. Walking into the lobby of the hotel, I immediately felt the eclectic chic Austin vibe through the modern architecture, pops of color, and elaborate staircase and chandelier. You can check out this incredible lobby on my Instagram, where you will be able to see another photo of these white elegant steps winding around the delicate glass strands of twinkling light from the tiered chandelier.

I also loved visiting the delicious Second Bar + Kitchen. I indulged in one of the best burgers I’ve ever had, the ‘congress’ burger which holds the prestigious title of ‘Austin’s Best Burger, According to Texas Monthly’ I couldn’t agree more

Still, my all-time favorite part of my stay had to be the luxury and design of my room. Between the wall-sized artwork, huge bathtub, leather couches, and spacious king bed, I was in my own personal heaven!





archer-hotel-austin-pool archer-hotel-pool-deck



I felt amazed with every step, from this grandiose entrance all the way until the patio area. The stone walkway radiated from the doorway around the Lone Star decorated pool, where I was able to relax and soak in the sun with a drink in hand. I was told that Archer Hotel was truly patio culture at its best, and I definitely agree. From refreshing dips in the pool to splaying myself across the cozy patio sun chairs, I have never felt more rejuvenated and peaceful. I can’t even decide whether I loved reclining by the pool or on my balcony more!


If you’re new to Austin, Archer Hotel also has a blog that gives insider tips and tricks like the greatest brunch places in Austin, how to best explore the Austin art scene, and even affordable ways to get to events like SXSW (for the dedicated festival goers). Overall, I’m in love with Archer Hotel in northern Austin and cannot wait to book my next trip back!