Celebrities Agree This Is the Best Date-Night Outfit

Celebrities Best Date-Night Outfit

Whether you’re planning your Valentine’s Day night out with your significant other or have a first date in the works, it’s always a relief when you’ve crossed off your outfit situation. Just like a signature work day or off duty look, every fashion-loving girl should have a go-to date-night outfit. From saving time to knowing you’ll feel confident, finding an outfit combination that never fails is key.

To ease your next dinner-and-a-movie evening (or whatever your favorite date night is), I’m sharing one ensemble that celebrities swear by. Jessica Alba, Chrissy Teigen, and more have all worn this specific look, proving it’s a solid date-night choice no matter your style. So what are the winning pieces? Celebrities agree: A dress with a deep-V neck and strappy heels is the best (and easiest) date-night look.

Sex and the City Carrie Bradshaw’s Date Night Looks

This style happens to be my favorite kind of dress to buy for date night. Fun and flirty, composed and demure, sexy and sophisticated…you get to let your colors shine when you choose this kind of dress. Also, never shy away from red. It’s stunning around the holidays, Valentine’s Day and absolutely smashing the rest of the year.

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This season my picks are anything lace and anything floral, with an emphasis on blues and corals (classic red and black are always winners, too, no matter what the season).