Celebrity Approved Transition Jackets

The best celebrity jackets

It’s almost the weekend – and with all this rain and snow all everyone can think about is the perfect transition jacket. While the sun maybe me a more consistent sight when you step outside now you may find yourself diving back inside to seize your puffer coat. When it comes to moving seamlessly from season to season no one is better versed than the celebrities.

With February around the corner, we are in the home stretch, and it’s time to start thinking about your seasonal transition jackets. Something a little more spring-like but stylish and cozy at the same time. Meet the transition jacket – the perfect wardrobe staple to see you through those tricky months between seasons in style. A touch of urban heritage, a touch utility, they’re designed for warmth and are light and beautifully tailored.

Because the unpredictable weather is tricky to plan for, one day it’s raining and the next it’s a perfect 75 degrees. The key to ensuring your wardrobe is ready for the season is to invest in the perfect transitional jacket. From trench coats to moto jackets there are various (on sale!) pieces that will keep you covered while temps are changing.