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A Cheat Sheet to Cleaning out Your Closet


Just like how we visit doctors to make sure we’re functioning properly, the things we own need to be checked on too. I’m talking about cleaning out your closet, which is a task that can be conquered with a little patience, focus, and a good playlist. This post will guide you through a relatively quick decluttering, but make sure to read Marie Kondo’s book, The […] View Post

Our New Flooring: The Reveal


Guys, I’m so excited to finally reveal the entirety of my remodeling project with you today. I’ve been working on this for such a long time, and it’s been incredible to watch my vision be created into reality. Hopefully you all have enjoyed reading the updates I’ve been posting for the past few weeks. I know I have had so much fun sharing the big […] View Post

My Backyard Patio Reveal

There’s nothing more satisfying than feeling right at home while enjoying the great outdoors. During summer, most of our time is spent in the backyard hanging out as a family or getting together with friends.  A good gathering place to relax is very important to me. My patio was due for a much-needed update, and if you have been following me on Instagram you got […] View Post

My Dreamy New Master Bathroom

Minted-DAYS-IN-PARIS master-bathroom-remodel

I’ve been looking forward to finishing our master bath remodel for a while now, and I’m excited to show you guys the new look! I never loved my bathroom before, and I felt like I had been putting up with its dreariness for too long. Once we started renovations on the rest of our house, the master bath had to be next. We even managed […] View Post

Key Pieces To A Stylish (and Serene) Master Bathroom

 Bathroom Remodel Inspiration and Design

Slice up the cucumber, steep that herbal tea and infuse your ice water with fresh fruit, because today’s master baths rival the designs of the most luxurious day spas.  You don’t have to travel to an elaborate spa when your in-home bathroom is an experience in itself. Here are quick upgrades you can complete in a weekend. The best part? There’s no appointment necessary.

free standing bathtub


[…] View Post

Loloi Rugs by Joanna Gaines Are The Perfect Way To Welcome You Home


You guys know how much of a journey it’s been to re-do our house and make it something we’re proud of and comfortable in. After all the hard construction work, we’re now adding the last details to really make it our own. I wanted to make sure that we found a good balance between cozy and stylish designs for a classic home. One of the […] View Post

Celebrity Style Home With Gabby Decor


I used to feel like our bedroom wasn’t 100% my home. Maybe I owned furniture that wasn’t really my style or that I liked but didn’t LOVE? I wanted to be totally comfortable and confident in our room since, at the end of the day, it’s OURS. Luckily, we took the leap and updated it to create our dream bedroom sanctuary! Redesigning or remodeling can […] View Post