At Home: Fashion Blogger Office Inspiration


Whether you’re working on your fashion blog, penning your memoir or spending a day away from corporate headquarters, let your surroundings inspire you by creating a chic home office. Mixed patterns, bright colors and plenty of artwork will help spark creativity, while glam metallics and mod touches will make you feel like a million bucks (is in your bank account).

I’ve been working on Celebrity Style Guide from home for the past 10 years and my home office is my sanctuary. My light soaked office is filled with things I love, colors that sooth and pieces that inspire. I think it is perfect mix of modern and girly!

My advice for building a successful business from your home is love where you land. Meaning, you’ll love working if your office or space you’ve created is a place you actually want to be in. Let a stylish new desk be your muse, choose a fashion-forward bureau you can use as a filing cabinet or splurge on the comfiest, but most beautiful, chair you can find. You’ll also be more productive if you’re not surrounded by clutter. An organized white bookcase, where I choose to store and display my handbags and shoes, can be your best friend.

Labeled boxes are a great way to organize the things you want out of sight. Check out these cute patterned options.

When you’re bored with your floor: Break your space up with a blast of color or bold graphic. Rugs are an easy way to update any room and they don’t have to break the budget.

Finally, accent your space. I love pretty trays to hold my jewelry and phone when I write. Chic frames, fresh flowers and candles are a must for my work space. I also have this bar cart, yes a bar cart, in my office that I doctorate with books, candles, bottled water and tiny jewelry boxes.




I hope this post inspires you to create that dreamy home office that’s equally functional and fabulous.

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