My Cozy Valentine

valentines-day-outfit-ideasValentines-pajamaspj-salvage-lip-print-pajamaslip print PJ’s ensure a cozy cuddle up with your date to enjoy the evening’s festivities or simply each other’s company. These are the most comfortable pajamas I have ever owned. The luxuriously soft and lightweight velour. i also love how you can switch out of the ‘family friendly’ pants to the flirty shorts!

Diptyque-candles-valentines-dayDiptyque scented candles, I can guarantee I won’t be moving from my spot on the couch for at least a few hours! I am obsessed with it, and I always receive compliments from any friends who come over about how great it makes the house smell.

pompom-at-home-tressels-throwTrestles oversized throw, and it’s been a staple on our couch for everyone to cuddle with! Not only is it beautifully made, with a cozy cable knit and tassels detailing the ends, but it is also so comfortable. It’s a great throw to lay at the end of a bed or over the top of a couch. Plus, it comes in a off-white, light grey and perfect for Valentine’s Day blush color. This is definitely a romantic night in must have, and it’s machine washable (so it’s a breeze to clean!).

Glitz-Heart-Baggy-Beach-Jumper-wildfoxBaggy Beach Jumper is a relaxed, slightly oversized pullover that hangs off the body perfectly. With it’s Rows of crystals in the shape of a heart you can dress up your down time that looks great on the go or for your romantic night in on the sofa.


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