These Are The Handbags Just Too Good To Resist…..

There are certain styles—think the Hermès Kelly Bag, Givenchy Nightingale, the Christian Dior’s Lady, Bottega Veneta Intrecciato and the Louis Vuitton Speedy just to name a few—that have outlasted their It bag era and buzz to earn the simple, yet hard-to-earn title of “classic.” Every bag has a story. Many of these handbags are named or designed for renowned fashions icons, such as Hermès’ Kelly Bag for Princess Grace Kelly and Birkin Bag for actress Jane Birkin. Christian Dior’s Lady bag was originally called the Constance Bag, but was re-named for Princess Diana, when she was photographed wearing one. Fictional fashionista Carrie Bradshaw made Fendi’s Baguette the ‘It’ bag and over fifteen years later, women still lust after them. I’ve collected new bags to invest in that I’m betting have the staying power of their predecessors.

These Bag Will Never Go Out Of Style: