The Best Celebrity Airport Outfits

The prospect of traveling somewhere new is always exciting. Then there’s the reality of moving through an airport to realize that airports are actually in no way exciting, but rather uncomfortable instead. It’s cold, you have to take your shoes off, people are likely going to be touching you and rummaging through your things. Then comes the actual plane ride where you’ll be sitting in an uncomfortable seat with little legroom for a few hours surrounded by complete strangers.

All in all, airports put a little dent into the fun of travel, but face it in style with an outfit that will keep you cozy, comfortable, and chic as you head through the airport gates on your way to your destination.

Wear Your Heaviest Piece:

As a rule of thumb,  always try to wear your heaviest pieces on the plane to save on space in your suitcase, and on a recent trip, that big-ticket item happened to be this camel overcoat. I noticed how Sienna Miller wore hers over a crisp white tee, jeans, and ankle boots and decided to emulate her combo with my own staple pieces. While this look couldn’t have been easier to put together (I’m pretty sure everyone has versions of these items in their closet), the one thing that failed me was my decision to wear rigid, high-waisted jeans aboard my five-hour flight. Nope, next time I plan to re-create this with slouchy or stretch denim for the same (but much more comfortable) effect.” This pair would have been perfect!

Comfortable Cardigan
Wearing a loose-fitting coat or knitted cardigan with pockets allows you to keep your wallet, passport, and travel documents in an easy-to-access spot while moving through the airport. A cozy cardigan can also do double duty as a blanket or pillow in case you need to warm up or get comfy on the plane ride.

Loose Fitting T-shirt
Temperatures at airports and on planes have a tendency to fluctuate. Layering is key when traveling, and your base layer should always start with a loose t-shirt. A cozy, white, worn in a t-shirt is comfortable on its own and is light enough that you can still add layers without getting too hot.


Comfortable Flat Shoes Shoes are the most important item to consider to maximize your airport comfort. Unless you are traveling for work, wear flat shoes so you can move through the airport quickly while carrying your luggage. Converse shoes are great because they match everything in your wardrobe and are small enough you can throw them in your carry on if you need to switch shoes quickly once you land.

Dark Sunglasses
If you tend to sleep on airplanes and wake up with red eyes, having a pair of dark sunglasses with you when you get off your flight is a good idea. As soon as you hear the announcement that the plane is landing, get your sunglasses on before you are exited out into the glare of the airport terminal’s fluorescent lights. Your eyes will thank you!

Your Comfiest Jeans
Put on your softest pair of beloved jeans when catching your next flight to ensure you stay warm, even on the most frigid flight. Jeans are the best thing to wear to the airport mainly because airports and planes are typically quite cold, but jeans are also breathable enough that if you land somewhere warm, you shouldn’t be too uncomfortable in them if you need to wait to change your outfit.

An Oversized Scarf
I always travel with a large, oversized scarf that offers extra warmth if my plane ride suddenly cools down. An oversized scarf can offer a great way to hide if you want some privacy while sleeping by pulling it up around your head. A balled up scarf can also make a great pillow, and blanket when you need it.

More Airport Key Pieces: