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Travel…In Style

Without a doubt, the airport is one of the best places to spot authentic star style. Celebrities bring new meaning to the phrase “traveling in style.” I know firsthand how difficult a comfortable, yet stylish travel look can be. When time is a factor, it’s common to jump from the tarmac to a meeting with little or no time in between. In such cases, I […] View Post

Currently Craving: Ladylike Shorts

Fresh, feminine…and yes, oh so foxy. Ladylike shorts are in bloom all over town. Set aside the cutoffs and distressed denim, and opt for something gorgeously girly for sunny summer days. I adore the rainbow of sun-drenched colors and pretty prints that are cropping up everywhere this season! Paired with design details like pleats, slim structure or high waists, these tailored or delicate shorts can […] View Post

Things You Must Wear This Summer—Seriously

Current/Elliott is the king of well-fitting shorteralls.

My summer uniform is pretty standard: jean shorts, V-neck tee, cute sneakers. However, summer is the ideal time to experiment with new fashion—the warm weather gives the season an ease that fall just doesn’t have. In an effort to expand my style horizons, I’m taking the opportunity to try a few new styles. You should too.

1. SHORTERALLS[…] View Post

How to Wear Fashion Sneakers

Sneakers have never been more popular as a fashionable footwear option, and the timing couldn’t be better. With summer’s social demands—walks in the park, lunch after the farmers market, music festivals—sandals and pumps can leave you in Blister City. This is where the fresh crop of stylish sneaks comes in.

Not only are they comfortable, the latest styles are seriously versatile too. They work with […] View Post

Style Guide: Ballet Flats for Fall

I don’t know how I narrowed it down, but when it came down to crunch time, I simply had to choose.

I went with my gut, and I think this style guide shaped up quite nicely. How could it not? With all the colors, patterns, prints, leathers, and suedes to choose from, the rainbow of choices was endless, but altogether beautiful.

In the feast of […] View Post