Line You Will Love…A.L.C. By Andrea Lieberman

A.L.C. has been seen on all your favorite celebrities including Kim Kardashian,  Nicole Richie, Jennifer Lopez and more.

Created by designer Andrea Lieberman, A.L.C. is a complete collection of daring silhouettes, chic separates, and perfectly engineered basics. The pieces bring a new perspective to the needs of a modern wardrobe while improving upon the canon of essentials. Lieberman has created a series of sophisticated must-haves in her own unique vocabulary, guided by the principle that the way forward is to own clothes you love enough to wear again and again.

1. A.L.C.Twisty T Dress $295.00
2. A.L.C. Leather Jacket $1,050.00
3. A.L.C. Degas Dress $249.00
4. A.L.C. Drape Dress $495.00