6 Proven Ways to Remove Makeup Stains from Clothes

Even if you do everything in your power to avoid getting makeup on your clothes, if you wear makeup, it’s going to happen. You’re going to stain your clothes with makeup.

But as easy as it is to get makeup stains onto your clothes, it can be almost impossible to lift that makeup back out of your clothes. That’s why so many people end up asking themselves how to remove makeup stains from clothes.

It’s All About the Chemistry

Makeup manufacturers make eyeliner and lipstick smudge-proof and waterproof, so it doesn’t run, but this makes it impossible to remove from the whitest of shirts.

But considering the chemistry of their ingredients combined with the chemistry of the cleaning products allows you to get makeup stains out of clothes.

Tools with essential ingredients can even make lipstick stain removal a breeze. For example, for waterproof products like waterproof mascara, the ingredients will need an oil-based stain remover to break it down.

In contrast, for most, non-waterproof makeups like your standard foundation or lipstick will need an alcohol-based remover.

6 Tips to Remove Makeup Stains from Clothes

It can be tricky to figure out the chemistry of your cleaning vs. makeup ingredients, so we’ve found 6 tried and tested tips and tricks for getting makeup out of your favorite garments.

Check them out below;

1. Use Makeup Remover

Makeup artists often recommend using your makeup remover for your face but on your clothes. However, your own makeup remover, whether that’s in liquid, cream, or wipe form, is your best all-purpose makeup stain remover.

2. Tips for Washable Clothes

Popping your clothes in the wash with the right products is one of the easiest ways to remove makeup from clothes. If you’re asking how to get a foundation stain out, use a blunt knife or another crisp object like a credit card to get the solids out.

Never rub in the foundation, or you’ll push it into the fibers and make it harder to remove.

Concealer, liquid, or semi-liquid foundation on washable clothes often have an oily or waxy component which is easy to pre-treat with stain removers for washable garments, such as Shout.

Work the stain remover into the fabric with a soft-bristled brush or even your finger, and let it work on the material for at least fifteen minutes. Then use a soft brush to scrub the stain lightly, and rinse in hot water.

If you don’t have a stain remover to hand, a heavy-duty liquid detergent with plenty of stain-lifting enzymes will do. Tide and Persil are the types of heavy-duty detergents you can use.

Lastly, use the hottest water suitable for your clothing to wash out the stain remover, combining it with a detergent and all-fabric bleach (to remove any dye in the stain).

3. Use a Lint Roller

Not everyone wears foundation, so some of you may be wondering how to remove makeup stains from clothes for bronzers, other dry powders, and rouge. Using a sticky lint roller is a handy method to lift away those pesky grains of powder.

Like with foundation stain removal, don’t rub the makeup into the fabric, or you’ll push it deeper. But if you have done so and discolored your garment, go back to the stain removal steps for liquid foundation (above).

4. Always Check for the Dry Clean Only Label

As soon as you notice the stain, you should treat it as soon as possible for the best chance of success. But obviously, never wash an item that is dry clean only.

Always point out the stain to your professional cleaner when you take the garment in, so they can properly treat it.

5. Try Makeup Wipes

Just as makeup remover can be your go-to, all-purpose makeup remover, makeup wipes can be equally as handy. For example, if you’re looking for lipstick stain removal, you can use makeup wipes as an old (and secret) backstage trick used by makeup artists. All you need to do is rub or blot until the stain disappears.

For this method to work its magic, try to treat the stain straight away before the makeup stain has set. Also, make sure to spot-test any clothing that isn’t colorfast or may water-spot like silk.

But on hardy, everyday clothing cotton, makeup wipes are the perfect makeup remover choice.

6. Rubbing Alcohol

For lipstick stain removal and oily or waxy stains, try rubbing alcohol. All you need to do is soak the tip of a rag or washcloth, or a cotton ball, in rubbing alcohol and then rub over the makeup stain.

4 Best Makeup Stain Removal Products

Knowing how to remove makeup stains from clothes often comes down to knowing the best products.

Some top products include;

1. Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes

These wipes might be mild, but they can get rid of stains quickly when used straight away. Always dab rather than rub when using these wipes.

Best used for powdered makeup stains like bronzer, blusher, or eyeshadow.

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes
Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes




2. Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover

Oil-free makeup remover like this is perfect for removing both waterproof mascara and eyeliner from your clothing.

But, again, the most success comes from attacking the stain straight away.

Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover
Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover




3. Meliora Laundry Stain-Removal Soap Stick

Soap always makes a great makeup stain remover, and the Meliora Stain-Removal Soap Stick is one of the most potent grease stain removal methods because it uses a vegetable oil-based soap stick.

As a natural and non-toxic product, this is one of the most popular at-home makeup stain removal remedies. Always be sure to lightly wet the stain with warm water, then rub in the soap using a clean cloth or toothbrush.

Meliora Laundry Stain-Removal Soap Stick
Meliora Laundry Stain-Removal Soap Stick




4. Swan Isopropyl Alcohol

One of the most popular household cleaner products globally is rubbing alcohol.

Suppose you’re wondering how to remove a lipstick stain. In that case, you’ll be glad to know that rubbing alcohol like Swan Isopropyl is beneficial at removing waxy stains like lipstick, lip liners, and eyeliners.

Swan Isopropyl Alcohol
Swan Isopropyl Alcohol