Go Buy Now: Cute Crossbody Laptop Bags

Get the look…
(1. Pendleton Monument Laptop Bag 2. Liebeskind Camo Laptop Satchel 3. LeSportsac Campus Messenger Bag 4. KNOMO Oria Cross Body Laptop Bag 5. Billabong Sea Messengerz 6. MZ Wallace “Britt” Tyrol Flannel Handbag 7. Marc Jacobs Preppy Nylon 13″ Commuter Computer Bag )

While on a shopping trip this Saturday, I discovered a new love: the crossbody laptop bag. There’s something so fun about this style, something that calls me back to the excitement of getting a new backpack for school. The crossbody laptop bag has that structured, schoolgirl shape, but new colors and prints make it entirely fresh and so much more grown-up. Two tips: pick a color that suits your style and choose a bag with a functional top handle. Got a case of the Mondays? Go buy one of these bags now!