Glow & Go Like J-Lo With SkinCeuticals


Ever wonder why celebrities skin, like Gwyneth Paltrow, is eternally glowing or how Jennifer Lopez maintains her ‘J-Lo Glow’ while wearing stage makeup in Vegas every night? Turns out it’s not magic, rather it’s stocking your beauty arsenal accordingly. The SkinCeuticals line is full of celebrity favorites for good reason: because they work.

I was recently introduced to the SkinCeuticals by my ‘skin guru’ Nurse Ashley Kerr at Synergy Plastic Surgery here in Austin. She has seen and tried almost all the advanced skin care products on the market and she is most impressed by Skinceuticals and the results her clients have achieved.

Ashley started by giving me a MUCH needed SkinCeuticals advanced corrective peel. This peel works in the lowest layer of the epidermis, the basal layer, where live tissue and pigment dwell. It is considered a deep, superficial chemical peel.This peel contains 14% salicylic acid, 14% lactic acid, and 10% phenylethyl resorcinol. Salicylic acid is a beta-hydroxy acid (BHA) derived from willow bark and exfoliates, unclogs pores, and regulates oil production. Lactic acid is an alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) derived from sour milk that exfoliates, hydrates, and has disinfectant properties. Phenylethyl Resorcinol is an antioxidant derived from Scotch pine bark that lightens hyperpigmentation by inhibiting tyrosinase (an enzyme that causes hyperpigmentation).

After Ashley applied the peel my skin will felt tingly and spicy….almost sunburned. This is a self-neutralizing peel, so it is very safe and predictable. Once applied it will continue to work for 4 hours in a controlled, slow release manner. It is important to not apply anything containing water to the skin for that initial 4 hour period to avoid irritation; this includes liquid makeup. You will also want to avoid exercise and extreme heat for the first 24 hours to avoid discomfort. Flaking and peeling will begin between 24-36 hours and will last for 3-10 days. After the peeling process is complete my face was dramatically smoother, my fine lines faded and I had a much more even skin tone and a beautiful glow.I definitely recommend the SkinCeuticals advanced corrective peel! If you are in Austin be sure to visit Nurse Ashley, she is the best in the business! You can find and contact her on her Instagram page HERE!

I had heard so much about SkinCeuticals products from my fellow bloggers and read about it in magazines where is a toted as a ‘celebrity must have’ so I was very anxious to try them!


To begin your skin regimen, first start with SkinCeuticals Purifying Cleanser which removes resistant surface debris and impurities leaving skin fresh and conditioned leaving your skin feeling soft and nurtured; never dry or greasy. One try and you’ll understand why it’s the ultimate cleanser.


Next, I lightly layer on SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic, —of which Kristen Stewart is reportedly a fan, this daytime vitamin C serum that delivers advanced environmental protection and improves the appearance of lines and wrinkles, loss of firmness, and brightens skin’s complexion. It even lightens dark spots.  After 4 weeks of daily use, I am shocked at the compliments I receive about my skin! It truly is an anti aging powerhouse! It is more on the expensive side but since I only use 1-2 drops a day, a whole bottle will last me about 6 months. It’s so important to be on some type of vitamin C serum if you want to keep young healthy skin and fight the signs of aging, sun damage, and brighten all at once!


I also recently added Jennifer Lopez’s secret weapon to my routine,  the SkinCeuticals H.A. Intensifier, which Nurse Ashley refers to as the ‘glow and go’ serum. It is a multi-beneficial corrective serum proven to amplify skin’s hyaluronic acid levels by 30 percent. I am so pleased with the dramatic results and I was even able to eliminate a few steps and cost of my skin routine. This serum is a powerhouse and it REALLY works! You will see results almost instantly and your skin will continue to get BETTER over time the more you use it. Yes please! It makes your face feel really soft, youthful and smooth. It also can be used around the eyes to combat wrinkles…bye, bye other expensive eye cream. It is also an amazing primer (no need to buy separate primer anymore) for your foundation in the morning and gives a healthy glow. This is one product I don’t think I’ll be without in the future!


Finally, I finish with the SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid Restore which is a anti aging cream formulated with a maximized concentration of lipids. This is the best moisturizer I ever used! It is so light and soothing and leaves your skin baby soft. It also helps with hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone which helps give that over all youthful appearance.


Get Glowing Like A Celebrity….You Can Thank Me Later!