Get That Summer Glow


Summer means sun, fun and hopefully some traveling. Traveling presents a few unique beauty challenges. Climate changes, sleep deprivation, stress – not to mention packing limitations, can all combine to make a hot mess. Add this to the fact that most of the time we travel for one of two reasons: Either for work, in which case we usually need to be polished and presentable; or for pleasure.

If your travel is fun-related, then you’ll probably want lots of pictures, some even featuring yourself. You’ll also be meeting new people, or possibly visiting old friends. Either way, your makeup should put your game-face on, be effortless, portable and chic.

Two words for summer: light and layered. Highlight eyes and cheeks with subtle shimmer for day, then turn up the glow for a dramatic nighttime look. Lipstains provide stay-put color, taking you from beach to bar and back again.

These 10 makeup essentials will allow you to create dozens of different looks, from professional, to whimsical, to seductive. Keep everything packed in a quick-grab pouch, along with any brushes or tools (q-tips and tweezers, for example) you need to use them. This way you can quickly toss them into your purse, gym bag, or suitcase, all at the last minute.