5 Tips To Get Blake Lively’s Legs

Celebrity Fitness Trainer Don Saladino shares how he shaped Blake Lively’s legs:

I have been training professionally for close to 15 years and I continue to learn new things every day. I am constantly researching and developing new fitness concepts with my team – structuring some of the best fitness programs in the world.

These are the same concepts used in shaping physiques like Blake Lively along with my other celebrity clientele. I was introduced to Blake a couple of years ago and our objective was to put together a routine that could be done anywhere; since she is constantly traveling for work. Blake enjoys mixing things up and is not afraid to lift weights as she understands that lifting weights burns more fat calories than cardio.

I recommend following this leg regimen anywhere from 1-2 days a week – so the commitment isn’t hindering to anyone’s schedule. I personally recommend wearing breathable tight fitting workout gear so you are free to move. LuluLemon makes great tops and bottoms that are comfortable and look great on everyone.

1. Start out by warming up your lower body for 5-10 minutes with the Body Wrench, which is a rolling device to get the blood moving and your body primed for activity.

2. Glute bridge 1×15 reps and then banded Side Walks 1×10 each side

3.  Split squats and Romanian Deadlifts; 2-3 x 10 reps each exercise

4. Cardio; we opt for a Sled Push or slide board in lieu of running. Set a timer and go as hard as you can go for 15 seconds allowing yourself to rest for 45 seconds – trying doing 3-5 sets.

5. Farmer Walk Variation; carry a dumbbell or kettle bell with 1 arm and walk 25-50 steps then switch arms and walk back; perform 2-3 sets.

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