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Time To Decorate: Emily Hewett & I.O. Metro

Whether you’re hosting the family for Thanksgiving, your colleagues for holiday cocktails, or your pals for New Year’s, now is the perfect time to decorate. November has always been “whip the house into shape” month for me, because it’s on the heels of the holidays and all the entertaining that I do. This year, I’m drawing inspiration from two of my favorite sources (get ready […] View Post

Decor Trends: I.O. Metro

Since writing this post about my dining room makeover, I’ve been daydreaming about redecorating all the other rooms in my house. And while I daydream, I’m usually perusing the online pages of my new favorite home decor store: I.O. Metro. Up on the trends, but down home in affordability, this store pulls the finest from home fashion and makes it affordable. Hence, my […] View Post

Obsession: IO Metro

It’s safe to say: I’m obsessed. And lucky me, my obsession is close to home, quite literally.

Earlier this summer I happened upon the gorgeous website of Emily Hewett. This talented interior designer is the mastermind behind A Well Dressed Home, and now my new favorite room in the house. After featuring Emily on my site, I hired her on the spot […] View Post