Jennifer Lopez Swears By This Workout For Her Abs

Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Her Toned Abs

How Jennifer Lopez Gets Her Awesome Abs

Need I remind you that she’s forty-friggin-nine?!?! Which has most of us begging the question how on earth does she have such an incredible core?!

If there’s anyone who can make us actually want to hit the gym it’s J.Lo. Making us dream of getting rock hard abs hers in a pair of perfectly printed leggings and matching bra top, J.Lo breezed out of the gym looking happy and relaxed and then soaked up the sunshine.

JLo’s trainer Tracy Anderson reveals all of the singer’s hot workout secrets. Tracy, an industry pro, has trained hot celebs such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, and Courtney Cox!

How Jennifer Lopez Gets Her Insane Body:

“When someone’s preparing for tours and giving energy to that many people, they can’t be out of shape,” Tracy says. “Her workouts have to give her the ability to have the endurance for the show,” adding, “We don’t want to change her sexy body!”

Tracy explains that the perfect workout for “Jenny from the Block” is not too extreme because the star loves her natural body and is secure with the way she looks.

“We wanted to design a workout to keep her sexy butt toned!” Tracy says.

Tracy reveals the key to getting J.Lo’s flawless body is tricking the muscles.

“We change the workout every 10 workouts,” she says. “That’s the secret. We can only stay in a movement every 10 days.” Tracy explains that by changing the exercise sequences every so often, the muscles are tricked and challenged, thus maximizing the workout results.

Workout On the Go:

Because J.Lo is constantly on the go, her workout needs to be manageable with her busy schedule. Tracy made sure to design a program that keeps Jennifer active but not overworked.

“She needs to get her exercise in one hour each day,” she says. “30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of muscular structure.” Tracy also reveals that in order for Jennifer to keep her rock hard body, she can’t go two days without a workout.

But you don’t have to be Jennifer Lopez to have a rock star body! Tracy says anyone can achieve J.Lo’s success.

Tracy gave details of some of J.Lo’s exact moves. Check them out below:

J.Lo’s Workout: Step-By-Step:

1. Standing Inverted Knee Tuck with Straight back Arabesque Extend — works the butt

a) Start by standing to face the back of a chair. Put hands on the back of the chair.

b) Tuck right knee to 90-degree angle and pull leg toward the chair back diagonally to the left side of the chair. Extend the leg to a straight back extended arabesque position, working through the turnout.

c) The body will lean forward over the chair with elbows bent on the chair to help extend the leg high.

2. Lean, Tuck, Kick Combo — works the abs

a) Hold the back of a chair with both hands. The non-working leg should be placed back away from the chair, and balancing on the toe.

b) Pull working leg into the chair back keeping the body straight and leaning forward. Push body away from the chair, tucking knee into the chest by curving the back, then extend leg high to the ceiling as the working hand reaches to touch the ground. Should finish with working leg up in the air and working hand on the floor.

3. Touch the Ground Side Kick — works the outer thigh

a) Face away from the chair. Put both hands on the floor, working leg in attitude resting on the back of the chair behind the body.

b) Lift working leg and kick straight out to side parallel. Return to a rest position and repeat.

Each move should consist of 30-40 reps per leg. This whole sequence should be done all on the right side and then repeated on the left side.

Workout Wear To Help Inspire You To Hit the Gym: