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How to Get Gisele Bundchen’s Signature Waves

How to Get Gisele Bundchen’s Signature Waves & Ombre Hair Color

How to Get Gisele Bundchen’s Signature Waves & Ombre Hair Color

With the Superbowl this weekend all eyes will be on football and of course, many of us will be hoping to catch a glimpse of the most famous football wife Gisele Bundchen. After all, The only thing more iconic that Gisele’s modeling career is her beachy, sun-kissed beach, blonde hair. I thought it would be fitting to answer all the ‘How do I get Gisele’s […] View Post

How to Achieve Those A-List Textured Waves

Hilary Duff-textured-waves jennifer-aniston-beachy-hair

What do Julianne Hough, Nina Dobrev and Hilary Duff all have in common? Their always-perfect textured beachy waves, of course. They also happen to share the same hairstylist/BFF — wave master and owner of LA’s Nine Zero One Salon, Riawna Capri. Unfortunately for the rest of us, creating their effortless looks without a pro on speed-dial isn’t very easy.

What you’ll need: A large […] View Post

Blake Lively Posted A Pic Of Her Makeup Stash

Shop Blake Lively’s Makeup

Blake Lively just shared her makeup stash with her followers on Instagram—and it seems like Blake is a fan of the KonMari method. She’s so organized!

Blake is known for her effortless beauty vibe with her glowing skin, beachy waves, and on-point lashes. And her makeup products are in line with that vibe. It’s clear she favors products that make her […] View Post

Tutorial On Kristin Cavallari’s Paradise Hotel Beachy Hair

kristin cavallari hair products Image: emmawillismakeup

PREP: Using Bumble and Bumble Invisible Oil x Go Big Treatment x brush through with the wet brush / Finger blow dry

CURL: Hidden Crown hair 14inch clip in’s with Amika Chameleon 1/4 and 1/2 inch barrel’s from top to an inch to inch and half from the bottom in very small sections and in alternate directions -set aside

DUST: […] View Post

Celebrity Secret to Look 10 Years Younger in 20 Minutes

The Best Celeb Face Mask

Dark circles under the eyes are a common problem for numerous people, even celebrities. Many people try to eliminate them with different store-bought products, but they are full of chemicals and will only cause side-effects. The reasons for the appearance of these bags can be different: stress, working at night, an illness etc.

Today I let you in on a celebrity beauty secret. An amazing […] View Post

The Way Elle Macpherson Starts Every Day

ELLE MACPHERSON reveals her daily beauty and wellness rituals

The supermodel known as ‘The Body’ – with good reason – reveals her daily beauty and wellness rituals.


My alarm goes off at 5am every morning. It was hard at first but I now wake up early and spend 45 minutes practicing breathing – it’s been a complete game-changer for me. It’s not a formal practice of meditation, but more about taking […] View Post

Celebrity Favorite Drugstore Finds

Candice Swanepoel with Palmer's Swivel Stick

Confession: I’m a cosmetic-aholic. For me, there’s nothing more fun than bringing a load home from Sephora, a bag full of treats from the make-up counter at Macy’s. But this addiction can get a little spendy, no? So rather than say goodbye to my monthly haul, I’ve opted instead to check out the corner drugstore. And what I found surprised me: quality beauty at a […] View Post