Wildfox “Nobody’s Perfect” Astrology Tees

Wildfox wants to know, “What’s your sign?” Yes, this is a late 60s/early 70s (now vintage) pick-up line but with the Age of Aquarius upon us (we’re on the cusp, Aquarius technically not due til 2050ish), why not wear your sign on your sleeve (your chest in this case). The Wildfox “Nobody’s Perfect” Astrology tees feature a large Zodiac glyph (your astrological sign’s symbol), along with a few adjectives beneath describing each sign.

One size fits most, so these 100% cotton tees will make the perfect gift, especially for any of you passive aggressive water signs! Can you help it if Wildfox claims that your Leo friend is “Bossy” or your Aquarian friend’s attitude of “My way or the Highway” is the truth?

These astrology tees aren’t due to ship until November 20th so hurry and order now before you’re distracted by the release of New Moon.