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The Best Carry On Essentials

After a recent plane trip to New York, my purse was in shambles. Crumpled receipts, a fist full of boarding passes, a soggy ziplock of exploded lotion (why does this always happen to me!?!), a goopy lip gloss, a plethora of wrappers. You get the idea. What wasn’t available were the basics I needed (how did I forget my sunscreen). After this trip I vowed […] View Post


London calling. Or rather, London is calling me. With the city’s moody skies and signature chill, Londoners are known for their ability to wrap up in signature style, and so they are a constant inspiration for cold weather outfits. London has the edge, and makes me think of Gwyneth Paltrow and Keira Knightley’s fashion-forward mindsets. When I think London, I think black booties and leather […] View Post

Celebrity Style Travel Guide

Let the traveling begin! With Christmas less than two weeks away, the travel season is in full swing. Perhaps you’ve already pulled out the suitcase and began the deliberations about what to (or not to) bring. As you plan, don’t overlook your day of travel look. My guidelines are the same as Kate Moss’s outfit, featured in today’s collage. Black is best when traveling, because […] View Post