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Celebrity Style Summer Favorite: Lace-Up Heels

There’s something quintessentially different about summer romance (the heat, the late nights, the freedom, the faraway places) that makes me feel 18 again. Whether you’re enjoying a summer romance or not, I’m having a love affair with all things romantic in the world of fashion, as are a lengthy list of celebrities. Lace up heels are the perfect romantic summer staple! This trend has been […] View Post

Scrimp, Spend, Splurge: Classic White Shirt, Loose or Crisp

Just like everybody else out there, I too have those moments in the morning when we stand paralyzed in front of my closet wondering what on earth I am going to wear that day.  The decision becomes even harder when the city feels like the inside of an oven, like it did during last week’s heat wave.  When the mercury reaches that high, I’d much […] View Post

Steal Her Style: Olivia Palermo

Fashion favorite Olivia Palermo does it again. In a world of color and print, she stands out from the crowd in neutral separates. She puts me in a New York state of mind while stepping out in this gorgeous summer-in-the-city look. I had to steal it for myself (and you, too). Starting with a camel-colored short, build this look with a crisp white button-up, careful […] View Post