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6 Spring Break Essentials

Those of us fortunate enough to escape their current surroundings—especially if those surroundings involve mid-March freezing temperatures—know that the only worrisome thing about vacation is living out of a suitcase. I, for one, find it impossible to predict what I will want to wear even 24 hours in advance, so I normally don’t skip town without a backpack and a duffel bag in each hand. […] View Post

Trending: M-Slits

Yes, we all know that the maxi dress is back for the summer (along with the maxi skirt), but subtle trend changes means I can still shop for a new one (or five). You can get away with the solid trend colors of last summer, but more hot are the prints, specifically graphic, black and white, and boho-inspired. Another huge trend that the maxi world […] View Post