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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

What to get? What to get? We are fast approaching the week away mark for V-Day. Do you have your valentines made? If not, I’ve gathered my favorite gifts for gal pals, treats for myself, and some I hope to receive (no pressure, hubbie!). Spread the love this Valentine’s Day with fresh classics: perfume, lingerie, and jewelry. Mix up your Valentine’s Day wardrobe with fun […] View Post

Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Pets & Pet Lovers


Yet another really fun gift guide for me to compile as I have been an animal love my whole life! You’ve made your list, checked it twice . . . and you forgot the family pet?! That furry little creature that offers buckets of love throughout the year deserves something special during the holidays. Whether I’m shopping for my pups, Griffin & Teddy, for […] View Post

Holiday Gift Guide: For The Guys

Still not sure what to get for the guys in your life? We know money can’t buy love, but surely it can purchase a bit of comfort and joy, in the form of super cool, just for the guys, gifts. It’s time to jump into the holiday gift guide and wrap up the must-haves for the man in your life. That said, I’ve put together […] View Post

Holiday Gift Guide: The Fashionista

The holidays are upon us and I’ve selfishly spent the last few weeks trolling the web in search of items to add to my own wish list. Since this season should be more about giving than receiving, I made sure to collect a few gift ideas for the special people in your life……..here is the Fashionista’s gift guide.

1. Hat Attack Rabbit Earmuffs
2. Be […] View Post

Celebrity Style Gift Guide

Where To Shop The Gift List:

1. Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Eye Mask: Face it. The holidays are full of late nights…and this energizing eye mask is the best morning-after cure for puffy, tired eyes.

2. Vera Bradley Villager in Heather: A rainbow of color to battle the rest of the winter blues away…and it’s my favorite traveling companion.

3. neuLASH Lash […] View Post

Gifts I Love: Chic Mini Bags

If we believe the fashion critics out there, there is no such thing as the “it” bag anymore. It died along with no-money-down mortgages and the boho trend. And while technically there is no such thing as an “it” color or print for handbags this season, your bag must be bold, bright and fun in order to be on trend. R.I.P the oversized ‘It’ bag, […] View Post