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What Gigi Hadid is Using to Achieve Her Glowing Skin!

Gigi Hadid is a new mom! While that’s exciting and life-changing, it’s also changed the way this model views her current beauty routine. On Vogue Beauty Secrets, she insinuates that this “everyday routine” isn’t so daily. ‘Sometimes I go a week without touching makeup or, you know, just putting on deodorant is like ‘we’re doing great.’ I’m sure a lot of new moms relate […] View Post

Gigi Hadid’s Summer Beauty Survival Guide

Summer means sun, fun and hopefully some traveling. Traveling presents a few unique beauty challenges. Climate changes, sleep deprivation, stress – not to mention packing limitations, can all combine to make a hot mess. Add this to the fact that most of the time we travel for one of two reasons: Either for work, in which case we usually need to be polished and presentable; […] View Post