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Celebrity Approved Fall Dresses You Need to Shop Now

This fall is all about dresses, but not just any dresses. The season has brought with it some of the chicest cold-weather looks we’ve seen in a while. While your legs might be bare, we’re tricking some of our favorite dress silhouettes into being seasonally appropriate by way of new textures, more covered silhouettes, and the like. Sure, you can always layer up on top […] View Post

The ’90s Dress Trend Everyone Will Wear This Fall

You’d have to be living under a rock not to notice that some of the biggest trends of the moment came straight from the ’90s. Fashion girls and celebrities everywhere are wearing items like strappy sandals and “mom” jeans right now, further solidifying that the decade is more relevant in 2019 than ever. This Fall, there’s one trend that I’m placing bets on to be […] View Post

How to Transition a Summer Maxi into Fall


One of my favorite bloggers Christine Andrew author of Hello Fashion, shows us How to Transition a Summer Maxi into Fall.

Even before September arrives, it seems everyone gravitates towards fall pieces. I think we are so anxious for a new wardrobe we often forget to transition our favorite summer items into the new season.
One of the easiest and most forgotten
[…] View Post

6 Spring Break Essentials

Those of us fortunate enough to escape their current surroundings—especially if those surroundings involve mid-March freezing temperatures—know that the only worrisome thing about vacation is living out of a suitcase. I, for one, find it impossible to predict what I will want to wear even 24 hours in advance, so I normally don’t skip town without a backpack and a duffel bag in each hand. […] View Post