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Must-Read Books You Might Have Missed That Are Perfect For Fall

Fall! It’s a time for picking apples, wearing plaid, watching the leaves change color, and catching up on the season’s most beguiling new book releases. One of the first things on my Fall to-do list is to read more. It seems simple enough, but with jam-packed homeschool days and a big home to-do list to check off (hello, Holiday season!) it’s easier said than done. […] View Post

Summer Beach Books

There are few pleasures more delightful than a day at the beach with nothing to do but enjoy the sight of your new bikini, the sound of the surf on the sand, and uninterrupted hours with a delicious beach book. If you’re seeking one of these blissful days, whether you’ve got a week on an island or just a day at your local lake, I’ve […] View Post