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The Return Of High-Waisted Jeans Is a Good Thing In My Book


Mom jeans. A phrase bemoaned by young women in dressing rooms across America. You know, those horribly unflattering jeans that spawned a wildly popular skit by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler on SNL. After more than 20 years of avoiding high-waisted jeans like the plague, the fashion industry has welcomed back them back with a vengeance.

I’m not talking about the itty-bitty (how does she […] View Post

Design & Delight At Archer Hotel In Austin, TX


If you’ve looked at my Instagram this past week, you already know that I had the most incredible opportunity to stay at the new Archer Hotel in North Austin recently. I remember being excited from the very beginning to visit, but I couldn’t have predicted how relaxing and fun this weekend would be for me!
Archer-hotel-austin-entrance Archer-hotel-grand-staircase


Archer-seconde-kitchensecond-kitchen-tables welcome-to-archer-hotel-austinArcher-hotel-que-paso


What I came to love about Archer Hotel was not […] View Post