Printed Patterns Will Make Your Outfits Pop

chicwish-keep-it-swinging-tunic gucci-disco-bag-black Keep Swinging Floral Tunic in Wine-heather-celebrity wine-Keep Swinging Floral Tunic in Wine

Happy Monday everyone! Now that we’ve made it half way through January, it’s fair to say that a lot of our new year’s resolutions may have fallen to the bottom of our to-do lists (or off them completely!). But all hope is not lost! I wanted to share something I’ve done for the past few years when it comes to resolutions: I’ve stopped trying to change everything all at once. If I want to stick to a resolution, I forgo the traditional structure and instead focus on how I want to feel this year. Then, I can work back from the feeling to find actions that are plausible and easy to maintain.

The first thing on my list to do this year is to not hit the snooze button in the morning. For me, this one is tough. I love the thought of “just a few more minutes of sleep”. The problem is when I hit the snooze button for whatever reason those extra minutes don’t make me feel more refreshed. I feel like I had to wake up early…twice. No thanks. I never regret getting up at the first chime of my alarm and getting my day going.

Second, getting back in my workout routine. I let this go completely by the wayside this Holiday and boy can I feel the difference in my mood and overall health and wellness. I’m trying to treat my workouts as part of my job. Something I have to do in order to have balance in my life. I’m sure we can all relate, we never regret that workout but it can be hard to not make excuses for why we are too busy to fit it into our crazy schedule. One thing that works for me is using my gyms app to sign up for my classes. If I’m signed up, it’s on my calendar and I’m locked it. That gives me the mind set of it’s an appointment and its on the calendar so it must get done. So far so good….I made it to my Barre3 class 4 times last week!

Finally, I also want to feel more comfortable and confident this year! This relates to many areas in my life (one of them being fashion!). Finding, buying, and wearing pieces that emulate my style and help me look my best increases both my confidence and comfort. These items don’t have to be expensive by any means, but I want to make sure I’m investing in pieces I’m sure to wear over and over again and can mix and match with other items in my closet.

This outfit the perfect example of something I feel great in. After seeing this floral tunic I immediately fell in love with the deep wine color and the swinging cut of the fabric. Plus, it’s an unexpected floral print that works all year round and cheer up those gloomy winter days! It’s true, a fun pattern can elevate any outfit and make it pop. While online it’s styled it with shorts, I chose to play up its versatility and pair it with leggings and these over-the-knee boots (check out how I paired these boots with another favorite dress in this post). This way the black boots and leggings allow the shirt to take center-stage, and I’m able to tackle colder weather more comfortably. It’s a super cute and fun look, yet it is so effortless to create and layer! I love being able to find simple designs that have me looking stylish and put-together without taking up to much of my time to plan. Now off to the gym!

Have a great week everyone! Xo