Mercury Is in Retrograde. Again. Here’s How to Deal

Sorry, but Mercury Retrograde Is Back to Eff You Up Again! This summer has been an absolutely wild ride. We’ve made it through two eclipses and seen retrogrades begin and end. From July 26 to August 19, the messenger planet is driving in reverse, downing wi-fi signals, stirring up petty misunderstandings and creating general mischief with all things travel and schedule related. And just to add an extra layer of intensity, this backspin takes place in grandiose Leo. This could have made meltdowns even more epic, we doubled down on all the standard precautions like backing up data, leaving early for the airport, and not sending that 3AM text.

The hectic astrology of November (and 2018 in general) has almost been too much to handle! Just in this month alone, chaotic Uranus entered Aries, expansive Jupiter entered Sagittarius, action-packed Mars just dove into Pisces, and Venus retrograde ends soon—and there’s still more drama coming up!

This final retrograde of 2018 (and the energy of Mercury in Sagittarius in general) helps you speak your truth and defend your beliefs unapologetically—even if it means ending relationships and cutting off loose ends in the process. This has been a year of transformation and tons of tough changes. The clutter has been cleared out, though, and after this final speed bump ends on December 6, it’s clear skies ahead in 2019!

I have come up with a great way to deal with all that is going on in the universe that is obviously beyond our control. Pillows and pajamas. Those who know me well, know that two of my favorite things are pillows and pajamas. They remind me to slow down, take deep breaths and just enjoy the little things in life and they just might work for you too.

Cozy Livingroom

I love pillows and throws that feel like clouds and pajamas that are cozy and beautiful. I believe you should never need an excuse to get cozy. We all have those weeks that wear us down, ahem this one, and leave us needing a weekend of total hibernation. Nothing helps me wind down and relax more than slipping into my cozy pajamas. I have a few go-to PJ sets and adorable pillows that are my absolute favorites and I have rounded them up for you so you can enjoy your Netflix marathon in a pair of pajamas so stylish and flattering that you’ll be reluctant to ever take them off.

So go ahead Mercury do what your going to do, I plan to enjoy some lazy mornings. Let’s stay in your pjs a few extra hours if we can, rest your head on a pillow, read a book, watch a movie, eat junk food, and just relax. You’ve earned it.