I Tried Kim Kardashian’s Favorite Flat Tummy Shakes and I’m Impressed!


I’ve been trying to get back on track with working out and eating right for what seems like forever! Some weeks are easier than others, but when the start of summer rolls around (and school ends for the kids), I just have no motivation! Am I the only one? I’m tired of running out the house in the morning having no time for breakfast, only to be hit hard with those early afternoon cravings. I’m SO ready to get back to looking (and feeling) good.

I’ve seen adds on basically every social media account for meal replacement shakes, but always waved them away because of their promise of a “quick fix” – and we all know how those tend to work (spoiler: they don’t). So, when I first heard of Flat Tummy Co. and their shakes, I was naturally skeptical. But after hearing about how they reject the “quick fix” method for real results by combining exercise and healthy eating WITH their shakes – I had to try it for myself. I’m ready to get this tummy back to flat!


I’ve been wanting to revamp my routine for a while now, especially since summertime and bikini season have arrived. Plus, I wanted to be able to keep up with my kids’ busy summer schedules without compromising my own (which is a workout in of itself). Needing something to jump start my summer, I chose the Flat Tummy Shake Program with the Matcha Green Tea shakes and have honestly been SO impressed with the results. I’ve been replacing two meals with the shakes and have noticed that I feel fit, my stomach feels tight, and my energy has even increased a bit!! It’s kind of crazy!

I make my shakes with vanilla flavored almond milk, which I prefer to mixing the powder with water (to each their own!), and start out with one each morning Monday through Friday. I love the proportional packets so I don’t have to get elbow deep scooping powder out of giant tubs, and the packets super portable! I just tuck one in my purse for later if I’m having a late morning and shake it up on the go. The Matcha Green Tea mix is SO delicious and surprisingly filling that I don’t get those crazy afternoon cravings anymore. Actually, I don’t really get any cravings anymore!

I LOVE that they’re full of plant-based protein, vitamins, minerals, and hold more than 50 fruits and veggies. They’re also gluten, dairy, and soy free (and 100% vegan), so everyone can enjoy them without worry! These shakes have turned out to be a really helpful addition to my daily routine, keeping me on-the-go without trouble or time commitment. It’s been such a relief to realize that not only is a healthier body not far out of reach for me, managing it can actually be super simple too.


While trying the Flat Tummy Co. Shake Program, I find I have more energy for my workouts and my clothes are fitting better. Isn’t that the best feeling? I’m so excited to keep this up for upcoming beach trips – does the 4th of July seem a little too close for anyone else? If you’re looking for extra help with results, definitely check out Flat Tummy Co.’s website and order a few shakes. And guess what?! They’ve got a massive 20% OFF sale going starting tomorrow. So if you want to try this product, that’s the time to get your hands on some!