Celebrity Obsession: Vintage1 Moto Skinnies

It seems appropriate that in an age of fashion edge, we’d discover a skinny jean that can only be described as va-va-va-vroom. Just check out the smokin’ celebs like Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz, and the queen of rock herself Rihanna in the Vintage1 Motorcycle Zipper Skinny Jean. These and the Motostreet Motorcycle Skinny Jean (similar, but sans zipper) are available in raceway inspired washes like blue exhaust, crashorama, and speed.

For those of you bored of the old blue-jean regiment, these abrasion-embracing skinnies are the perfect way to break free, or the perfect opportunity to compliment those other grunge glam accessories you’ve collected this season, like Shanae’s biker boots or Ms. Hilton’s tough-chic leather jacket. Shop Singer22.com for your new obsession!