Ceiling Fans. Love ’em or Hate ‘Em? The Hunter Apache Will Make Everyone A Fan…No Pun Intended.



While a lot in our home has changed in the last three years, there’s one thing that hasn’t changed, but I’ve been conveniently cropping out of photos–our living room ceiling fan. Yes, we’ve been secretly rocking this beauty (er, monstrosity):


I am not usually one to wait so long to swap out something that send shivers down my spine every time I look at it but this was a design choice I truly struggled with. I was so unsure if we wanted to get a pretty light fixture or just replace it with a different ceiling fan. Our 19 foot living room ceiling isn’t the most efficient when it comes to heating and cooling so I stayed on the fence but I knew a decision had to be made. Every winter I lean toward a fixture and then all summer, we love to have the fan on….we are in Texas ya’ll. This past summer sealed the deal for us with a few over 100 degree days–another ceiling fan it was.

Most interior designers don’t love shopping for ceiling fans and I get it – there aren’t many rooms that don’t look more beautifully decorated when the ceiling fan is replaced with an attractive overhead light fixture, the good news times have changed and ceiling fans have caught the style bug. However, if you live in a house such as mine where some rooms never cool down as much as others in the summer, ceiling fans are necessary. So began my journey to find the PERFECT fan.

Here were my requirements that I was determined to find:

1. I wanted the fan to be stylish and have a clean, updated look and feel that would add to the room, not take away from my design aesthetic.

2. I wanted a Smart fan! Not one for only super tech-savvy people but one I could easily control on my iphone or iPad with Siri since she is basically my personal assistant and co-house manager.

3. Beautiful lighting that is dim-able. I love the look and feel of warm cozy light that can be dimmed to the perfect ambiance.

I poured over Pinterest, I stalked Instagram for living room photos with ceiling fans and I read reviews. This was not a decision I was going to take lightly.

Enter the Hunter Fan Company and it’s stand out star, the Apache.

As soon as I laid eyes on the Hunter Apache in Noble Bronze (it’s actually more black then bronze ) I knew I had found the exact look I wanted.

Hunter-Apache-Ceiling-Fan-install Hunter-Apache-Ceiling-Fan-with-LightHunter-Apache-Ceiling-Fan-bladeshunter-fan-close

Swapping the fans took about 40 minutes and my husband said was a piece of cake. Installation and operating Directions are clear and easy to navigate. The parts, of which there were not many were perfectly packaged and labeled….think the exact OPPOSITE of Ikea. It is mounted, electrical is hooked up and the blades slide right into place.

Once installed this fan looks beautiful and it moves a ton of air for having only 3 blades and is very quiet.  Oh, and did I mention it is controlled remotely?  Best. Upgrade. Ever.  For the Homekit setup, it easy, I downloaded the SimpleConnect Wifi from the Apple Appstore, I followed the instructions, and was able to connect to the wifi with no issues.


NOTE: Installing a wireless fan and remote control system to any room in your home is an easy way to maximize the convenience of circulating the air in that room which is so important. By using a wireless remote control, or my iphone to adjust the speed, direction and light of the fan, you won’t have to get up and pull a chain (no thanks!) on the fan when you want to change a setting. You know what else I don’t have to do? Change or clean the light bulbs.

The Hunter Apache fan is energy efficient, which my husband loves, with dimmable lifetime LED lights. And not the unflattering cool light either. It’s a nice warm white glow.

The Hunter Apache is available directly from the Hunter website or can be delivered to your door via Amazon (click HERE). It really is a work of beauty and design. And, it’s an aesthetic I can totally get behind. Because ceiling fans aren’t going away anytime soon in this household, this is one I’m proud to show off.