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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide Vol. 2

Love is…romance, pleasure, desire, friendship, laughter, bliss. Love is many things, but love is also your passion, your personal style, and the things that have the uncanny ability to make you smile. Love makes you walk a little taller, like a power-giving pump, finished in femininity and strength. It’s a timeless shoulder bag that makes you feel like a celebrity, a delicate scarf worthy of […] View Post

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide Vol. 1

What to get? What to get? We are fast approaching the week away mark for V-Day. Do you have your valentines made? If not, I’ve gathered my favorite gifts for gal pals, treats for myself, and some I hope to receive (no pressure, hubbie!). Spread the love this Valentine’s Day with fresh classics: perfume, lingerie, and jewelry. Mix up your Valentine’s Day wardrobe with fun […] View Post