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A Hint Of Vintage Featuring Lauren Conrad

(photo: angela+ithyle/thebeautydepartment.com post designed by kristin ess)

Let’s start at the very beginning. I’ve heard it’s a very good place to start. This is just a hint of vintage, and not full on Rita Hayworth (although we will get there). This is one of my favorite looks that you can wear anywhere without feeling over-done or too literal. It flirts with old school 1940′s glamour […] View Post

The Detail: Daytime Embellishment

Make glitzy embellishments part or your daytime wardrobe this winter! Incorporating a lil’ bit of shimmer into your everyday wardrobe is sure to get you noticed faster than the speed of light. One of my Favourite-looks-of-all-time has to be the combination of sequins and knitwear for an uber pretty daytime look. The softer the knitwear, the more feminine the look. The contrast of the modern […] View Post